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Hurricanes: the 2017 season & I

I have been a follower of hurricanes for a rather long time, in fact, I can give you a definite date, ever since my namesake struck Texas in 2012 (is that a real name reveal? I probably revealed it at some other juncture) and didn’t get retired (for which I fist pumped, probably insensitively but…… Continue reading Hurricanes: the 2017 season & I


Game Of Thrones: The Spoils Of War

The big thing that everyone has been talking about with The Spoils Of War has been the dragon battle. The dragon fire mercilessly slaughtering all of those nameless Lannister soldiers. Like the ones Arya broke bread with in episode 1 that were, overhyped pop stars aside, rather decent blokes. Dickon Tarly, again, funny name aside,…… Continue reading Game Of Thrones: The Spoils Of War