Welcome to IzzyStars

Well, it is about time I started one of these. But if you’re reading this, you probably don’t know me and are wondering how the hell you found me or why you are spending your time reading this. That’s okay, I welcome all people who are trying to procrastinate. In fact I’m probably going to thrive off them. JOIN ME.

This is a blog for me to put material that I write out to the world – or at least stored in one easy-to-access place. Think of it like a Youtube channel with no voice, particularly a review and writing channel. I can’t make voices. I would make a BAD youtube channel. But hopefully a good blog. Everyone likes reading, right.

Anyway, what you can expect to find on here is general talking about issues, sometimes, I have an MA in political science so I know a bit about world events. A little. But mostly, it’s a creative outlet for a few projects I have going on, as well as talking about what anime and music I am liking. If you find me interesting at all, and I hope you will from this writing style, follow along. Is there a subscribe-like button on WordPress? I am new at this site, for sure.


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