New Blog, New Game

So I have started this, so I might as well go with what I’m watching at the moment. And look, it ties in nicely as far as the title goes. That’s clever, am I not clever? I suppose what might be better is if I lose this blog and it becomes No Game No Blog. I should get around to watching that. I’ve heard it’s good.

Anyway, in what is the first of my anime posts, I’ve started watching a little series called New Game lately and because I happen to be watching it at the time of setting up this blog, it gets the honour of going first. Which is probably for the best. I’m halfway through and it’s not going to be my favourite series of all-time, but for a show that is, outwardly, an embodiment of the philosophy known as Cute Girls Do Cute Things, it’s surprisingly fun.

Now that should come with the caveat that I have very little experience with CGDCT in anime and these feelings that New Game is stirring up are somewhat new for me. Certainly I’ve seen some of the basics, I started my anime love with Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and that had no shortage of cute girls. I’ve seen many shows since that have no shortage of cute girls. But New Game I think is the first show I’ve seen where the cuteness exists purely for the sake of cuteness and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Because certainly, there is, at halfway through the series, no strong plot to speak of. The adorable cast are working on a computer game sure, and there’s a bit of faux-conflict as the main character settles into a new workplace, but the main driver and enjoyment of the series is just what and how these cute girls are going to do next. And having not been overloaded with that, I can get on board with it, it’s definitely something I’m racing through far faster than I ever expected to and should really be admitting. I suspect however, from what I have seen from others in the anime community, that if you’ve seen a lot of these, you may find it a little tiring.

However, at this point, what is also intriguing me is the possibility of homosexuality among the main cast, which the show has hinted at between Yagami and Rin but is almost certainly not going to have the balls to go through with (it’s finished now so this speculation will have been proven). If it did, and it was pulled off okay, that would be a point where I think the series would elevate itself to something more than the fun half-hour it is just trying to be.

But for what it is, it is a surprisingly enjoyable cuteball of fluff. With cats and computer games. That has to equal watchability.




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