What I like now

Seeing as the first few posts on my blog are going to be half me copying old musical opinions from another place, anyone who stumbles across this now and sees me being awful to my 18-year old self is going to think ‘yeah, but what do you like now? Surely that’s far more interesting?’ It is. It definitely is. Sooner or later the backfill posts will stop but I want to have them all up because in all honesty I started a blog very late and it would not feel complete without opinions on all of them. Though I could have left 2011, I thought I’d get more mileage out of making fun.

So this is what I like, to give some context. Basically, back in 2011, I was still properly on my first voyages of musical discovery, even though I was a little old to be doing that, I’d avoided popular music for a long time as a kid. So this resulted in me liking a load of pop and whatever was in the charts at that time. A large part of that has not aged well.

Now I still like some pop, but I’ve branched out into other genres and only accepting the best from the pop genre. Which isn’t really a genre itself but hopefully you know what I’m referring to. The first genre I really got into was symphonic metal. That was through discovering Nightwish and branching off into Within Temptation and similar bands and for a few years I’d have that as my go to ‘unusual genre’ to impress people with. At the same time I began to get more and more into rock, particularly emo-rock, hard-rock and alt-rock, I had bands like Evanescence and My Chemical Romance who had made tracks I remembered when I went back to search out what I’d missed while being oblivious to popular culture so there was plenty to explore and for the most part, that is where I got lost. And Gorillaz. I picked them up early but they are one of my favourite bands and remain so to this day because of the vibrant mix of genres and actually, the animation theme that goes along with the band. I love animation, it’s probably the main reason I’ve latched onto anime as one of my main sources of entertainment.

I also really began to like dance. Dance music, when done right, can produce some of the greatest tracks around, because the emotions can flow very strong with fantastic production. Mostly I don’t have one dance producer who’s very consistent, but a few, like Kygo and Disclosure, have made a good go of it in the last few years. I also really like eurodance and nightcore, Scooter is a good example of that. I actually run a nightcore channel and have for a few years because sped up hardcore music is so appealing to me. Indeed my blog avatar at time of writing is associated with one of my favourite hardstyle tracks of late, a reworking of the anime song Requiem from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.

Indie also really appeals to me, through being unusual and most weird tracks I’ll probably like. World music is often a strong favourite with the right songs and lately I’ve fallen in love with Japanese music and emotional and epic instrumentals, well, strictly, back in love as I used to be one of those kids who said ‘I only love film music’ and even as I’ve gotten older that’s actually remained true throughout all my musical discovery. It’s awesome. I’ve been trying to get into post-rock and that can be amazing for putting on in the background.

In fact the only main genre I don’t tend to enjoy is RnB, I like loud and fast tracks and except with funk those don’t really come from the RnB umbrella. Otherwise I can really love most things, I only differentiate by genre because it’s easy to talk about, there’s something I like from each genre, if it’s good I’ll like it. That doesn’t explain much but it’s true. And I bet it’s true for a lot of people, it’s probably true for you, there’s no rhyme or reason to what they like, they just say they like a certain genre because that’s where lots of their taste lies and it’s easy to say you like deep house when someone asks ‘What music do you listen to?’. What I always love most is seeing people say they love something that’s traditionally out of their comfort zone, that I would not expect from them.

This was not intended to be a complete rundown of my tastes, there’s plenty of posts to put out more detailed information on that, but more to give you an idea that I have a pretty wide range of musical knowledge, if I do say so myself, and will normally accept anything that sounds pretty good and I can and do  like bands from Paramore to The Prodigy, from O-Zone to Pink Floyd.


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