End Of Year

Backfill: 2011 EOY Part 3 of 4

As always with this, modern edits berating my old self (who was 18 years old when writing this, may I remind you/warn you, and still should have known better a lot of the time) are in italics. Bolded tracks are those that are better than their position suggests, underlined are worse. This is a mostly direct copy of my posts from Buzzjack.com, with a few obscure references removed.
100. Ciara ft. Usher – Turn It Up

This took a while to grow on me, because I saw Ciara and Usher and didn’t listen to it much. It’s a superb song, and by far the best thing on Basic Instinct, which I bought off the back of this. It’s possibly a bit questionable including it on premise (this is probably because it’s not strictly 2011, I was so pedantic), but I was really loving it throughout this year, it feels so epic throughout, and I charted it rather high because I simply couldn’t resist it. I always seem to forget it WAS in BJSC though.

99. Delilah – Go

I quite like Ain’t Nobody, and this beautiful song, sampling part of it, quickly grew on me as one of my favourite haunting pieces. It kept having random revivals with me. Love You So hasn’t wowed me as much as this… yet, but between this and another appearance that Delilah will have on this countdown, I am quite excited for her album in 2012.

98. Marina & The Diamonds – Radioactive

At the time I thought I was giving Marina too much credit, but I should have moved it up rather than down (ooh, old me doing my rewriting work for me). It’s nowhere near as interesting as Hollywood was, but it’s a good pop song nevertheless and I found myself enjoying it loads throughout the remainder of the year. When you’re around me, I’m radioactive!!!! wub.gif There are worse chart regrets to come though… (strange to see that it’s you saying this…)

97. Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun

I remember coming across Oh Land midway through the year. I liked the song, it didn’t really register with me though. As the year went on, I slowly grew to love it, and it’s become one of my favourite Scandipop songs. It was only later that I discovered it was entered into BJSC, and I was half surprised it didn’t win. Because of the way it slowly grew into my affections, I never got round to charting it, but it’s still amazing. (this gem is incredible, Scandipop seems to have slowed down on songs like this sadly)

96. The Black Eyed Peas – Just Can’t Get Enough

Is this pushing it as far as flops go? It definitely continued to quietly grow on me, to become my 3rd favourite Peas track. It’s good because it’s mainly Fergie dominated. And it’s rather friendly on the ears. And it keeps pushing at you. It’s one of their best works overall, even if the ‘switch-up’ at the end isn’t their best moment. Fergie’s chorus is one of the best things she has done on her own too.
95. Rizzle Kicks – Down With The Trumpets

It’s by far Rizzle Kicks’s best single, although I shall admit that Mama Do The Hump is growing on me. Down With The Trumpets contains some very clever lyrics and a catchy beat, and is worth that rather crazy chart run, which is also rather long by my standards. Yes. One of my favourite hip-hop songs this year.

94. Rihanna – Man Down

It’s a rather good song, not the best on Loud though. The excellent music video probably contributed to my love for it, but I never put it top 20 again. It’s very Bajan, and since I love Barbados music, this endured with me a lot. The confusing thing about the single releases probably messed up my love a bit too… (see this is how attached I was to popular culture back then, I regret everything to do with proper single choice – although that was indeed more of a relevant thing in 2011)

93. Beyoncé – End Of Time

The 90s region the region of the long running low peaking hits anyone? This was the initial standout from 4, Best Thing I Never Had aside, and I thought it was a certain 3rd single, so I charted it early in preparation. Then of course, the record company did some messy things with the era, snubbed this completely and I stopped caring. It’s one of the better Beyoncé songs in her career (to be fair, this is true but it’s still not something I tend to come back to). And End Of Time is such an epic title (my title love already here, wow). I do enjoy its rather symmetrical chart run though.

92. Ed Sheeran – Lego House

The first of 3 appearances for Ed Sheeran in my top 100. It’s a very good choice of single from +, especially with it’s ballady epicness. And at one point, it was challenging to overtake The A Team in my affections. I got a little bored of it rather quickly though, so don’t expect to see the other two for quite a while. The video is very cute though. Nice to see something that was a genuine hit in my chart turning up, it’s a little embarassing all these turnarounds of opinion. (oh yeah, that was something I did, and still do, which raises questions about the overall value of these EOYs, but in all honesty they’re just an excuse to talk about the songs I liked)

91. Eric Saade – Popular
My second favourite of the songs from this year’s Eurovision (interesting, interesting, I wouldn’t say that now, there’s a few more underrated gems I love much more now, and actually that’s made me think that what is coming ahead of it is something I’ve definitely changed around on). It was very pleasing to see him come 3rd, although I would have much preferred he came second (oh yeah, there it is)… It had a short chart run due to being a Eurovision song, really. It’s simple Scandipop, but it’s very catchy and my 2nd favourite Saade I’ve come across behind It’s Gonna Rain (It’s Gonna Rain is a very good pop song, yes). More like this for next year Sweden, please? So what will be the highest ESC song in my chart? (lol this suspense)

90. Chase & Status – Blind Faith

Yes, I didn’t chart this originally. The reason? Because I loathed it at first (indeed, this is one of my main relationships with this song, I have so much regret for hating it initially, it’d be way higher if I redid the list completely now). I have softened a hell of a lot since then, and although I was thinking it would end up somewhere in the 101-200 region, I wasn’t expecting to put it this high. I surprised myself (excellent). It’s got some rather epic lyrics, and it really gives an atmospheric feel of cold winter mornings, which is really quite nice. This is probably a contender for my biggest turn around of opinion throughout the entirety of 2011 (and the turnaround would get bigger *.*) . It deserves it though.

89. Rachel Platten – 1000 Ships

The most recent winner of the BJSC (yes, BJSC predicts future stars, if you’ll remember she got a UK #1 in 2015), it stood out to me from the minute I opened the semi, and I knew it would do well. However, I was incredibly pleased when it won, I thought it would come 3rd at best (although I was hopeful in the predicta). In most other contests, it would have received my 12 easily, and it’s easy to see why, Rachel has the same airy but epic sound as artists such as Owl City and Breanner Duren have. With a hook line that’s positively glorious: ‘So keep your eyes set, on the horizon’, it’s very deserving of getting this high. (1000 Ships remains her best song to this day and this inspired me to get the album – which is lovely, just lovely)

88. Ricki-Lee – Raining Diamonds

Another recent winner (and yeah it’s good but 1000 Ships should be ahead of it). This one grew on me though. At first I thought it was a simple pop song, nice enough to get a few points. Then later, it became one I was listening to loads, and it was clear it had become a favourite, through the medium of what would be a ballad if it wasn’t so uptempo. It’s one of the best definitions of a perfect pop song for me (I’ll give you that), and has become my favourite song overall from XXXIX.

87. Jason Derulo – It Girl

You might have noticed that longevity counts here. Especially this one. It only spent one week in a decent position, but it’s one of Jason’s most decent and long-lasting hits for me (and despite the underline, remains his best, he’s grown into something mostly loathsome). I don’t know what it is about the Derulo, I always tend to think his songs are rather good, even if he isn’t my sort of thing at all. Fight For You is also a rather good song (well, this and that, even if that did desecrate Toto, it benefits from that fact). I mean, leading Future History with that nothing of a song Don’t Wanna Go Home.. *shakes head* (not sure why I care… but that song IS awful). The lead-in to the chorus is rather brilliant, even if it is ‘Much more than a Grammy award, that’s how much you mean to me’… (no, that’s not particularly brilliant)

86. Agnes – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

I didn’t think much of Agnes Carlsson’s comeback single at first. It grew on me. I might even think it’s better than Release Me now (actually, that’s a tough one, I’ve listened to Release Me more often since 2011 but this is great). It’s definitely more exciting. And it should have been a hit in the UK, with the progression from an uptempo to a ballady chorus. And those strings on it! Agnes certainly outdid herself with this one.

85. Voltaire Twins – Animalia

A 5 week run, but one held back for BJSC. Yes, it’s that again! This was a rather superb song, with a rather disturbing video, that I was very happy to award my 12 points to in BJSC XXXVIII, a strong contest in of itself. The slightly indie Scandipop song gives such an atmosphere, with such emotion held in one word: ‘NO!’ that it immediately made it a song I knew I was giving points to.

84. Glee Cast – Loser Like Me

 I was apprehensive about Glee doing an original song. On the one hand, I was interested, because I’d long since gotten fed up of their covers-that-weren’t-mashups (I probably didn’t really care much and just wanted to see what they had, I didn’t even watch the show for crying out loud). On the other hand, it was Glee, and I’m really not a Gleek. I tried watching the show and just wasn’t interested in it (oh, you did say this). So when this hit the charts, I was surprised that this was such a decent song. The verses weren’t up to much, but there’s no denying that powerhouse of a chorus. And so, when I look back at Glee, barring them coming up with anything better in the future, I look at this as their defining moment, and what a moment it was.(that’s a nice sentence, I don’t entirely regret this but it should be a tad lower)

83. Rihanna (ft. Avril Lavigne) – Cheers (Drink To That) (oh I like the ‘feat Avril’ thing)

Oh. It’s another Rihanna single that didn’t manage to repeak when we got to it’s actual release. Oh, dear. This is getting RIDICULOUS (wait, is this MY chart? ugh, this is bad and this is probably one of the weaker ones too). But I like it. My friendship group are fairly big fans of RiRi collectively (really? were they? you sure you weren’t just misreading the love for generic party songs?) , so I was hearing this on nights out from the beginning of the year. It got overshadowed by We Found Love a bit, but it was a great song to finish the Loud era with, and it samples one of my favourite songs, even if it was the weakest bit. (see, get that cred, Avril is way more acceptable than this one)

82. Devlin ft. Labrinth – Let It Go

It was one of my favourite songs on those January mornings (oh yes I have specific memories of walking to school with this playing, that’s cool), and I loved Labrinth’s chorus for an age, and following up Runaway, which was AMAZING, it didn’t disappoint at all. Well, in terms of it’s success it did. Devlin’s rapping is so good. Labrinth is capable of a bit better though… *hint hint* (wait what is this hinting towards? he’s okay. Oh… that)

81. JLS – Eyes Wide Shut

Still, it’s my favourite JLS song by a mile (not incl. Kickstarts), and it was one of my favourite songs in the early part of the year. Also, the title. *.* I’m wide shut.

(you see it’s funny because I was called Eyes over there, my name hasn’t really shifted much over here, Izzy Stars still kind of has that same kinda pun to it, also I really didn’t know what to write about this, also no way does a JLS song, even a surprisingly good one, deserve to be in the top 100 of one of my years)
80. SOS – Take That (er, excuse me, 2011 Izzy Stars, you’ve got that credit the wrong way round)

An album track that starts off with a bang, and is the 2nd of the holy flopping Trinity (lol, but the final track in that trinity is probably Take That’s best track ever, it should be up soon) from Progress (of which Kidz was also one. Love Love and The Flood don’t count). It’s got this high because it’s rather superb, and is simply Kidz but with a few more endearing qualities.

79. Alex Gaudino ft. Kelly Rowland (er, excuse me, 2011 Izzy Stars, you’ve forgotten the song name, you mess (it’s What A Feeling))

Well thank God for that. It was getting mildly embarrassing with all the flops in sight (like this song, yeah a lot of the preceding songs hadn’t done so well in my weekly chart and I thought that was a bad thing for some reason). This isn’t much better though, it’s too far towards the other end of the scale. Something with 5 weeks in the top 3 at #79 (because it’s a regret!) ! It’s is, however, the best thing I’ve heard from Kelly Rowland this year, and a worthy 2011 version of Commander/When Love Takes Over, if not as great as either of those two. Kelly Rowland doing dance is irresistible though (except when it’s a cheap knockoff of On The Floor) (HA!). It hit me quite hard, so to see it flop rather in the charts wasn’t pleasing, but THERE YOU GO. I seem to be the song’s biggest fan as well (well not anymore, I’ve barely listened to this generica since the year itself). One of my songs of the summer. (oh I suppose that’s nice)

78. Loreen – Sober

Hmm, it’s Loreen (yes, I was ahead of the curve 🙂 ). It was an absolutely stunning BJSC entry, and winner (yes, BJSC was ahead of the curve 🙂 ) , Loreen is amazingly talented, and it shows effortlessly on Sober, a emotional track to the core. I gave it 8 points, and despite it being such an obvious thing, I didn’t mind. Sometimes there are these juggernauts of songs that are really undeniable. Oh, the short chart run. Well, I think we’re past caring about THAT. (When even 2011 me thinks I was being a bit ridiculous, you know you messed up on the other commentaries – Sober is wonderful though)

77. Katy B – Broken Record

My chart was RUBBISH in early 2011 (as it was in late 2011, but yeah, not with this one, this should have been way up top). This was the single that I got quite obsessed with for a long while and ended up persuading me to buy the album. It was the perfect single from Katy B in regards to that, it’s by far the best thing on On A Mission (although Go Away and Easy Please Me run it close). It feels so effortless and trancey, and it goes all the way through the track so easily, not forced at all, until you get to the wonderful breakdown ‘like a broken rec-ord’ that is almost orgasmic in the way she says it. Go Katy B (and have a second album much like this) (and the second album mostly delivered!)

76. Matt Cardle – Starlight

It is an unwritten rule that X Factor winner’s second singles (not counting winner’s singles) have to be better than their first (it’s also now an unwritten rule that we don’t listen to X Factor winner’s second singles, how’s that coming along?). So far, it has proved true for Leona, Alexandra, Joe and
now Matt (ugh) . Run For Your Life was rather good. Starlight is EPIC. I even heard this on a store radio today, so it’s still getting a little recognition (and that boring anecdote counts as recognition). Still, this looks like Credible Cardle’s  (did you come up with that yourself?) swan song, and what a swan song. Epic all the way through, and should have easily been the lead single, it’s atmospheric, and the best thing on Letters by a long way (still a rather good album).(idk if it is, it’s alright, haven’t listened for years)

75. The Sound Of Arrows – Nova (you know, if I were redoing this, this would actually be a challenger for some of the top spots, it is that incredible to this day. Sound Of Arrows everyone, they are your new favourite pop band if you don’t already know them. With sadly only the one album, Voyage, but an incredible one)

Top 5 for two weeks at a slow time of year, Nova is still AMAZINGLY incredible. It was my introduction to Sound Of Arrows, I have searched out their other tracks, and only M.A.G.I.C is superior to this, I think. But only just (and it doesn’t really go in a 2011 chart). Epic all the way through, with a wall of sound that leaves you hungering for more, Nova is a fine discovery, and one I’m pleased to have made.

74. Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk

Again, the longevity is more of an indicator of how much I liked this. I never got bored of it at all, it just got naturally pushed down out of my chart. Til Death, the followup, I discovered late, but it’s almost as good. One could consider this a double entry for both of them, since I never charted the latter. Hmm… Anyway, Wynter. ❤ (what, you thought she was hot? I suppose… that you’re still a massive perv)

73. Beyoncé – Best Thing I Never Had

Another #1 I assigned rather lightly (yeah what, Beyoncé had a #1 with this?). I did really like it, but it began to grate rather quickly. It’s still the best thing Beyoncé got from this era she should have never had (to be fair, it was a fairly awful era for her). It’s fairly epic, not a patch on Halo though.

72. DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans – Louder

This was a UK #1, right? I had almost forgotten about it until a few weeks ago (and it is a very forgettable song). But it was one of the better tracks to hit the top spot this year, and had some amazing longevity with me. The backing instrumental is particularly amazing. It’s a perfect summer tune, doesn’t fit very well in the winter, listening to it now, but come next summer, I’m sure I shall be loving it again (but I didn’t, and I wouldn’t, because who needs old DJ Fresh tracks when the new ones would just keep getting worse).

71. Ell & Nikki – Running Scared (there we are, Rockefeller Street and One More Day are probably my faves from there now)

Only stopped going to #1 by Alexis Jordan (wow what an stellar and well-aged top two there) (, this was my favourite track from Eurovision this year, and I was SO excited when it won. Believe it or not, when I first looked at the videos of all the songs in ESC 2011, this one stood out, and I made a prediction to myself that this would win (I’ve always been slightly proud of that, even though I have no proof, as it was supposedly an unpredictable year). Hopefully I can do that for a second year in a row (which I did and then wouldn’t do again). Far from being the dry ballad many decry it as, and being a forgettable winner (it is a bit forgettable, let’s be honest), it’s full of emotion and excitement all the way through, and I still love this track 7 months later. If Azerbaijan can come up with anything nearly as good for next year in Baku, I will be behind them all the way (they came up with something better, as did most countries from 2011 to 2012). I can’t wait to see all the 2012 tracks though. 

70. New Boyz ft. Dev – Backseat
One of the many hip-hop tracks I got a little obsessed with in the middle of the year, it contains Dev, who I have fallen in love with over the year for her catchiness, as well as her omnipresence. New Boyz’ rapping is rather good too, but the highlight is the chorus. One of the highlights of my trip to Switzerland was hearing this in a McDs (your priorities were MIXED, my actual highlight from Switzerland was seeing the LHC, don’t listen to this fool). Switzerland have rather good music taste. I mean, they put Got 2 Luv U at #1, didn’t they? (this and that is not exactly signs of a good music taste) They do feel like an unsuccessful Rizzle Kicks, and while this was good, I have a feeling I wouldn’t like any of their other tracks, so I’m fine with this flopping. I mean it. 😥 (At least you’re right on this, this is vaguely catchy but so embarassing)

69. Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up  (and speaking of embarassingly bad rap tracks that are way higher than they should be)

Another flopping rap track, this one, something a little serious from Wiz, it’s better than Black And Yellow. Rappers like him going serious doesn’t always work, but this does. I find it unlikely he’ll top this, it’s about the best I could expect from him, even though he’s one of the better new rappers this year. This hasn’t been a vintage year for hip-hop, but this is one of the best 2011 had to offer.

68. Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten

With an intro that blows you away with it’s intenseness (+ tribal cries!!!), this was a stunning comeback from Kasabian, and one of my favourite tracks of the genre this year. It’s was also one of the most successful. RIP huge rock hits (as soon as I got into the charts, the rock hits dried up, I blame myself). Nevertheless, this was a favourite, despite a short time in my chart, I surprised myself how high I charted this, as I’ve found Kasabian a bit hit and miss (and from then on, they would become entirely hit), Fire aside, but this was clearly one of their hits. So is Re-Wired.

67. Sheelah – The Last Time

Nope, never charted it. SO, SO, SO should have, and would have if I’d known about it when it was at the height of it being discovered (this is quite obscure but it was a wonderful discovery). An absolutely stunning pop track, and one of <Buzzjack’s gooddelta>’s best entries to the contest, (and I’ve checked out several of them). If this is what Sheelah were capable of, it’s a shame they split up, because this is almost perfect in it’s ability to capture emotion and joyfulness. Sure to become a future favourite for me.

66. Adele – Rolling In The Deep

When I was compiling this countdown, I kept thinking ‘Should Rolling In The Deep be this high’? I never fell in love with it hugely. But the answer is yes, I couldn’t put it any lower than this. Someone Like You didn’t make it in here, I like it, but not enough. Rolling In The Deep, however, is such a wonderful construction that I had to put it up this high, regardless of what that chart run says. (it is probably Adele’s best track so I’m fine with it being this high)

65. Afrojack ft. Steve Aoki & Miss Palmer – No Beef (a really kooky dance track that I love to this day, as I say below, it has some awesome production)

Ever since Afrojack first appeared on the scene, I was drawn to the absolute quality of his production skills. Without him, Give Me Everything would have been even more of a mess than it already is, and his solo tracks are nothing short of excellent. No Beef took quite a while to grow on me; it had been and gone in the charts before I noticed the epic drop this track has. It needs to be played loud, and Miss Palmer’s vocals only add the great feeling that this dance track has. I’m a little thankful I haven’t yet heard it when I’m drunk, but it is really, really good, especially the momentum building that sneakily works all the way through the track.

64. Alesha Dixon ft. Jay Sean – Every Little Part Of Me 

Quite a lively mover, heh. The Entertainer is a very good album, containing two of my all-time favourites on it, (Radio and Take Control – (wait, those two are all-time favourites? God, get some perspective)) and this was a pretty good choice as a 3rd single. I don’t want to talk about Alesha’s floppage in the charts. (let’s, poor her, but it’s not unsurprising) Nevertheless, this proves the rule of Jay Sean features, they are always very good. One Jay Sean feature to come in this chart, not with Alesha, someone else (there is MORE of him?). One of my favourite songs of the early part of the year (see, early me was BAD, accepting this generic song), which was quite barren, with the exception of the #1s.

63. Cobra Starship ft. Sabi – You Make Me Feel

I didn’t hear this until it charted in the UK. I knew of its existence, but I never bothered with it, I thought I’d let it come to me. By the time it charted in the UK, I wasn’t bothered with it either. It was only after it left the charts and I started listening to it that I knew I had missed a gem. For me, it’s similar enough in structure to Moves Like Jagger to call it the better of the pair. Ok, they aren’t exactly the same, but I enjoy listening to Cobra Starship far more. Sabi makes this song what it is though.

62. Katy Perry – E.T

Kanye’s rap is a write-off. But this is one of Katy Perry’s best singles from Teenage Dream, her 3rd best of the 6. One of the two beating them was Teenage Dream, the other is still to come on this countdown. However, the thing that sold this for me was the video. It’s a great song, I thought it was more amazing when it premiered than now, I certainly played it enough back then, but the amazing visuals in the video, aside from the fact that it shoehorns the rap into the worst possible place imaginable, makes the whole song worth it. The other Katy song to come also relies on its amazing video.

61. M83 – Midnight City (despite how little I have to say about this, if I were redoing this now, this… would be my #1 for 2011. It is that good, awesome in fact. I remember I put it back in my EOY for 2012, maybe there is more there)

A song with extra extra on the instrumental amazingness, Midnight City gives that atmosphere perfectly, and despite me not thinking it would be my thing, I got addicted to this great song, and it gains a very worthy place almost into my top 60.

60. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

The first of three entries in the top 100 for one of my favourite new singers around, Christina Perri. Besides having the looks (you perv but good taste, Christina Perri is one of the most beautiful singers in pop), she also has an incredible voice (see, there are reasons besides the looks), and A Thousand Years possibly shows it off best as she drifts through the song effortlessly. It isn’t quite my favourite song from her (good early distinction on the strengths of different songs there), but it’s very appealing and easy on the ears, and deserved those 3 weeks in my top 10.

59. Noah And The Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N

A rousing track that deserves all the success it got, this was everywhere in the early part of the year, and it stuck with me throughout the entirety of the year. It’s simple folk-rock, but it’s the sort of track everyone seems to like, and one everyone sings along to the chorus, and I like it immensely. Noah do have one more song to come though.

58. The Saturdays – All Fired Up  (wait what, I do despise this now, but I do remember liking it at least a little but #58? what on earth were you thinking this)

The Saturday’s best… single (so far) from On Your Radar (you mean worst song from that whole album). It’s a simple club track, but it’s catchy in it’s simpleness, and doesn’t need to be anything more (and annoying as all hell). It’s not near approaching my top Saturdays tracks either (GOOD), but it’s a solid 6th best ever effort from them. I do really quite enjoy it (and you were wrong for doing so).

57. Wretch 32 ft. Example – Unorthodox

Throughout 2011, Wretch 32 has been a bit of a poor man’s Tinie Tempah. In fact, rather poor indeed. But this, this is an exception. Catchy, with one of Example’s best features, it definitely deserved to get to #2, it’s just a shame (for me) that Don’t Go outpeaked it and got to #1. I was obsessed with this for quite a while earlier in the year, and it’s still, for all intents and purposes, a great hip-hop track. (eh, not bad, I have no feelings either way on the Stone Roses sample, but that is the best part of this so I should have mentioned that)

56. Yasmin – Finish Line

Probably my biggest chart regret throughout this year (let’s not go quite that far), I’ve been incredibly excited for all of Yasmin’s material, and I don’t know why I didn’t chart it higher originally. I made up for it a little bit with the longevity, but I think this is its redemption. On My Own is still to come. (DO AN ALBUM ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!) (if you want, I’m okay it not happening, I don’t think it did in the end) Finish Line is amazing, and I was so happy that it got the peak that it did in the official charts, especially as I never thought Yasmin would get that high after the floppage of On My Own. (good track on the whole but not worthy of this spaffing)

55. Emeli Sandé – Heaven (her best song but just narrowly escapes an underline because she would prove to be dull)
A song that took a long while to click with me, I first heard it a few months before its release, and so I was incredibly pleased when it became a real hit far beyond what I could have imagined. It took that long to properly click with me though. And I was obsessed for a few weeks. Daddy was nowhere near as good as this (and there was your first warning sigh), one of the best examples of soul in 2011.
And she’s one place above Yasmin (Only the first Yasmin though tongue.gif) (but what was the relevance of this? were they in competition anywhere?)

54. Bruno Mars – It Will Rain

Another song that took an age to click with me, so much so I don’t know what I was hearing when I first heard it, because I wrote it off. Come release date, and I began to love it. I tend to like songs with ‘rain’ in the title, and this ended up being no different. Classy and dark, as befits the (superb even if the franchise isn’t) soundtrack (oh yes, Twilight does have a rather good soundtrack compared to its story quality, but the best is Muse’s contribution) it comes off of. As such, it’s a crying shame that this is looking to be his least successful single, while trash like The Lazy Song and Marry You long outstayed their welcome. (I agree, it is much better than those forgettable songs)

53. Jennifer Lopez – I’m Into You

A catchy, sweet followup track to the amazing On The Floor that was almost as good. I had never been THAT interested in J.Lo before, but she comes back with superb material, I begin to like her. I also like her music videos and body. kink.gif (you are the worst perv in the existence of the human race) While a little repetitive, it’s some fine pop, and I can never say no to that. (and that was because you were young, in my early twenties, a bastion of age, I’m sure you’ll agree, I absolutely can say no to that)

52. Linda Teodosiu – Alive

Come September and my first participation in BJSC, I was rather excited. I listened through my semi as soon as I could, nothing stood out on the first listen. Then on the second listen, my attention was drawn to this entry. I listened and listened again, in fact I listened so so much. So, when I gave it my 12 points in the final, I finally moved it onto my chart (I thought at the time, instantly making it a #1, as I was tempted to do, would make the whole thing way too obvious) It’s not a perfect system, but this is a superb mid-tempo that I gave SO many plays, and was a worthy 12 pointer from me. A month later, I was hardly listening to it, but that’s how my trends in music go. I picked the love for it back up recently. The breakdown into the final chorus produces the most lovely sound, and I really do love this. (this whole paragraph is a bit confusing and if you’re not up with BJSC then that’s understandable but basically, this was my first big discovery from the contest and I got obsessed with it)

51. You Me At Six ft. Chiddy – Rescue Me

You Me At Six is a strange act for me. I like them, but not that much (although Underdog is rather good). So when they do what seems to be a sellout by most of their fans (talking to people I know, going on that), I really like it. It seemed to be everywhere for a couple of weeks. I swear I heard Radio 1 play it twice in a row, and I loved it (I didn’t love the fact that virtually all its sales seemed to be made in the first few hours of its release, but THERE WE GO). The combination of Radio 1-backed-rock and hip-hop makes the whole thing rather perfect. (they would have way better you know, but this is pretty good for what many rock fans would call a sellout, the Chiddy lyrics do work okay for being shoehorned in)
And that’s that for part 3. Next time, we finish 2011 and then we can move on to better and brighter years, where my writing skills would improve a bunch.

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