Backfill: 2012 EOY: Part 2 of 4

Thankfully, these will get more readable from now on without my notes, but as before, bold for what should be higher, underlined for what should be lower and italics for all my notes and updates outside of this and this is archive writing from me copied from the year noted from Buzzjack.com. In this section we have songs from #212 to #150, I included 212 songs in honour of Azealia and I started writing lots more further up. This time I will leave the chart peaks because they aren’t chart runs and I’ll leave the lyrics because EFFORT. I deleted those before because I thought the format looked cringy, it does not look so cringy in 2012’s offering. As I’m leaving the lyrics too, just note that the italicised lyrics are originally from 2012 and they aren’t me adding in lyrics for no reason now!
212. Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans
Chart Peak: #49
‘I will love you till the end of time’

Starting us off, one of those many great songs that are on Born To Die – don’t worry, not all of them will make an appearance on this side of things (is that a problem). Some will, though. Blue Jeans was a single I never REALLY took to fully from Lana, hence the low chart peak, however its use on an episode of Misfits (this helps at least two other songs further up too) enabled it to sneak in to the bottom of my EOY chart. You kept out Masterpiece, G# (aww I love G# (by Kitten), that shoulda been in here) and Outta My Head Lana, hope you are proud of yourself.

211. Aubrey O’Day – Wrecking Ball
Chart Peak: #28
‘but this is not another love song’

It’s a lovely Disney-(esque?)-pop-rock song with a nice hook – and is the first of probably many examples of more… dodgy taste coming up (not that dodgy, it’s still quite enjoyable). However I really did love it at the time and it’s more interesting than a lot of songs using the name ‘pop’ this year.

210. Avicii – Silhouettes
Chart Peak: #26
‘day by day soon the change will come’

A worthy follow up to Levels, Avicii continues to hang around my love bubble – never quite in there but doing a good job of making stuff I will happily listen to. This, featuring the vocals of one Salem Al Fakir, something always rather welcome, has been a good staple of parties over the year for me and while it’s not quite as strong as what either artist has done before, I’ll take it.

209. Loreen – Crying Out Your Name (almost completely forgot about this one!)
Chart Peak: #8
‘I know when the battle’s lost’

The first song on this list to be a top 10 hit for me, we have Loreen’s first song to premier after her victory at Eurovision. It was a bit of a hyped top 10, it didn’t really stand up to scrutiny unlike her other songs, yet it did well enough to get in here. I do think when I hear this – ‘who the hell would hurt her like that?’. Then I remember I think the same thing about 90% of Taylor Swift’s songs.

208. Gorillaz feat. Andre 3000 & James Murphy – DoYaThing
Chart Peak: #2
‘I’m a pale imitator of a boy in the sky
With a cap in his head and a knot in his tie’

So yeah, the peaks keep on going up and up, and this is the first of my #2s to fall. Originally really only getting that high because it was a new track from Gorillaz’, albeit only one to support their new Converse range. The video was a nice shout out to the history of the band but the song got a little boring after repeat listens.The first two verses are brilliant, but the features do let this down a little and it quickly plummeted out of my affections.

207. Vanbot – Lost Without You
Chart Peak: #24
‘I close my eyes then maybe the wounds will heal’

So Vanbot got extremely high for me last year with Make Me Break Me, but Lost Without You isn’t quite up to that. It’s a bit too much of a Robyn pastiche, that said, it is still brilliant and I have good memories of listening to this while in Tenerife (as with a lot of songs I first heard around late March/April this year)

206. VNV Nation – Nova (Shine A Light)
Chart Peak: #52
‘light the fire in me’

I don’t know anything about VNV Nation besides this track but it is rather lovely. I kept wanting to eliminate it because of the low chart peak but hearing that chorus makes it all worth it. Notably the only Unknown Pleasures winner to make it in here (and you can see why it won, it’s a lovely indie-pop song), but there are a few more tracks that I’ve discovered from that competition still to come.

205. Tegan & Sara – Closer
Chart Peak: #28
‘the night sky is changing overhead’

I just CANNOT resist that chorus lead-in. One of the best I’ve heard this year. The rest is a fine pop song but nothing really excites me beyond the bridge and its progression. I have a lot of goodwill towards T&S so I’m happy for them to produce a song I like. It’s also grown on me since its use in BJSC so I’d probably give it a longer chart run now – this is why I do this thing on opinion rather than points.

204. Lucie Silvas – Reset
Chart Peak: #42
‘the wind’s gonna start blowing’

Best Lucie Silvas song I’ve heard (indeed, it’s so sweet), although it did take its time to grow on me, the chorus is very well-sung and it’s one of a dying breed of piano ballads in here, as much as I do like a good piano ballad sometimes, there seemed to be less around this year compared to the heights of late 2011.

203. Linkin Park – Burn It Down
Chart Peak: #9
‘and you were there at the time, waiting to let me know’

Absolutely nothing on past glories like In The End, Numb or What I’ve Done (stop it, I’ve already told you, Linkin are amazing), yet it was as decent a comeback single as I expected given how long they’ve been in the business. While it has a wonderful backing riff, and I love the rap towards the end, the rest is a little dragging – like I said on Living Things, not a whole lot of replay value.

202. Kyla La Grange – Walk Through Walls
Chart Peak: #7
‘now get up, get up, get up’

The highest peaking Kyla song on my chart this year, it hasn’t aged that well at all compared to the rest of her tracks – so I call it a bit of a disappointing choice of single. It’s still supa amazing but Vampire Smile and Woke Up Dead and multiple other songs off Ashes should have got more attention (this is part of my early thing of ‘singles must be the majority of your ‘songs’, I would abandon that later). Nothing she does is launching her into the mainstream though. sad.gif Heavy Stone was last year so she has one more track to come.

201. MS MR – Bones
Chart Peak: #33
‘Broken dreams and silent screams, empty churches with soulless curses’

One of the more interesting groups I’ve discovered this year, MS MR give a haunting performance on Bones and while it’s not quite their best song, it is nearing their best. The chorus keeps on giving and giving and eventually an undercurrent of sound explodes into something really quite wonderful. I wonder just whose bones they wish to dig up. (this would get a bit of a revival in coming years wouldn’t it, one of their best songs!)
200. Rona Nishliu – Suus
Chart Peak: #62
‘Vec shpres pas shpres dhe marrëzi’

Here we have it, the first Eurovision song to show up in my top 212. While almost all of them charted at some point for me, only 15, including Suus have made it this far. It’s obvious which country finished highest so I’m not going to go there, but which Eurovision song is my SECOND favourite? Anyway, back to Suus, I really hated this when I first heard it, really really did (yeah I know and I regret even that, definitely the best Albanian entry now), but in the lead up to the final, the fragility of the verses helped the song warm to me and eventually I could even get past the chorus and start to rather enjoy it. As such, I was rather pleased when Albania finished that high, and her live performance was as I recall one of the standouts of the night, although the whole thing was a complete surprise to me.

199. KIDS – My Sincerest Apologies
Chart Peak: #21
‘All the places I’ve seen, all the people I’ve met, all the hearts that I’ve broken I won’t ever forget’

KIDS was my entry to Unknown Pleasures IX, a contest that nearly saw me quitting UP after only my second outing as the results were awful and there wasn’t MUCH there worth keeping. I did decide to stay and that worked out well for me in 10 but I wasn’t totally in love with this entry either. It’s a good quirky song, and the final verse is lovely but it never really SMASHED for me. KIDS’ EP is rather nice though, this is the highlight. This all sounds really negative but it’s just I love my other entries far more. (eh, this isn’t that bad, nothing special but a decent song)

198. 2NE1 – Scream
Chart Peak: #9
‘I’m ’bout to paint this town red, koto gatta senbiki’

In a trilogy of firsts, the first Asian song to appear is at #198. It was also the first Asian song I charted top 10 in 2012, as far as I remember, not many Asian songs get that far and I was surprised to be putting it that high (oh how that would change). Scream hasn’t aged awfully well but it has a cracker of a chorus and the first verse is excellent. I prefer I Am The Best for most purposes however + I’m just conveniently ignoring the existence of I Love You. I am still of the opinion that 2NE1 are one of the best K-POP groups though, all but one of the Asian songs left are by soloists.

197. Jess Mills – For My Sins
Chart Peak: #11
‘peace from the pain in my heart that is haunting me’

I love Jess Mills as an artist. She’s talented and has a great voice, and most of her songs are of the ballady persuasion, allowing the emotions to pour out, and she normally has great production, building the song up. This is technically her best song released this year (I also think Pixelated People and Vultures are pretty fab – this is half an entry for them but I have too few slots to fill) but it has a little something missing on the emotional side. That’s why it’s not higher. It’s FANTASTIC as an aural aid, I just can’t quite connect as well as I’d like. Everything from here on out gets different degrees of amazing however, the first 15 or so were a warmup.

196. Wild Belle – Keep You
Chart Peak: #17
‘why can’t I keep you for myself’

An entry for this Santigold-like song at #196, one I instantly liked from first hearing. The production is so warm, helping the lyrics become more than what they are, truth be told (how fancy!), they are not the greatest.

195. Gabrielle Aplin – The Power Of Love
Chart Peak: #9
‘love is the light scaring darkness away’

I do prefer the fact that Gabby Aplin is getting success to the song she’s getting success with. Her other material is largely better (mainly The Liar And The Lighter, whatta cover) but this is a beautiful cover. Prefer it to the original, I don’t mind saying that, and it’s the best John Lewis advert so far. I was never much of a fan of the original (uh, the original’s fine really, both versions of the song are fine) so this can only stretch so far but her voice is just divine – a well earned #1.

194. Sabina Babayeva – When The Music Dies
Chart Peak: #5
‘you were the best of me, the reason that I believe’

#14. Azerbaijan are so cold and calculating as a Eurovision country. I don’t care, I LOVE IT (shut it Icona Pop). Their ballads are normally nothing short of amazing. In the 3 years I’ve been watching, the Azeri entry has always been towards the top of my rankings and there’s normally a point where I absolutely LOON for it. This is the weakest of the 3 so far, but it’s still rather amazing. Not that I was overly pleased to see it do SO exceptionally well on home turf as this essentially confirms that Azerbaijan will always always always be a fixture in the top 10 from now on, but it’s an enjoyable listen.

193. iamamiwhoami – play
Chart Peak: #30
‘la la la la la la la la la la’

Jonna Lee puts in her first appearance on this chart. I can’t REALLY deny play, it’s a great song and while it’s not the best off kin, it’s a fair way ahead of the bottom half in terms of quality. The ‘la la la’ hook makes it what it is, along with that crashing instrumental, and it’s another of those songs I loved playing during Tenerife so that boosted it a little bit.

192. Regina Spektor – All The Rowboats

Chart Peak: #17
‘big glass coffins, they keep coughing’

This is a lovely measured track, and the first I’d really heard from Regina Spektor so it’s set the tone for what I expect when I listen to her material. Slowly building throughout the track is some lovely production, followed by some fantastic drums to close the track. Regina’s voice is along the spectrum of those I am quite the fan of (see also many other quirky, airy singer-songwriters). All in all, a track I was quite certain to like.

191. Arlissa vs Nas – Hard To Love Somebody
Chart Peak: #15
‘now rain is all there is’

Arlissa is a singer I’m hoping, out of all of those on Sound of 2013, for success the most next year. She’s really quite an exciting prospect, she sings similarly to Florence, but it feels like she could be doing a lot more and so I hope to hear a few more studio tracks soon. Hard To Love Somebody is a nice song but is dominated by Nas’ rapping, and it isn’t the best. I think I’ll wait for her material next year before I properly assess where she sits for me in terms of how much I like her, but I feel like she’s brimming with potential and I can’t wait to hear more. Her live version of her song Sticks & Stones is exactly the sort of thing I’m excited about. (almost forgotten about Arlissa! I enjoyed her during 2013 as well)
190. Natalya Zarraga – Sundown
Chart Peak: #14
‘and as I reached for the light it was taken from me’

I would not have come across this song were it not that I saw Unknown Pleasures VIII opening and thought ‘I NEED TO GET IN ON THIS’. One rapid Youtube search later for something worth entering, and I’d come up with this. It’s quite unique (how often do you get a song dominated by a HARP? *.*) but in retrospect it was never going to do well, and I think only 4 people or something ridiculous voted for it. Harp aside, it’s a lovely little song and Natalya has a great voice, although this seems to be about all she’s done that’s worth anything. I definitely have a different attitude to picking entries for UP than I do for BJSC, I’m far more willing to take risks in the former, something I do want to change but it’s hard when if you do too much of a risk your song won’t be heard by half the people playing. This does often mean that I love my UP entries slightly less, but sometimes I’m almost prouder that I’d entered something like this – it flopped in UP but I’d never get this through a BJSC semi either so I wouldn’t enter it there.

189. Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire (first terrible song to appear and I thought I was doing so well with 2012, don’t believe anything you read in the following section, aside from that last sentence which seems a bit out of place but is accurate)
Chart Peak: #9
‘she’s a lonely girl, and it’s a lonely world’

I always have room for Alicia Keys somewhere in my life, and so this lead single from her latest album is rather wonderful. It’s a little plain for full on love and the Inferno version is not needed so buzz off to your trap Nicki, but there are some really great parts in it that show off Alicia’s voice perfectly. It does prove that Try Sleeping.. really was a once in a career thing though. sad.gif

188. Nelly Furtado – Big Hoops (The Bigger The Better)
Chart Peak: #10
‘I don’t wanna talk about sex’

I thought her career was over. Is rather catchy (main reason it’s here) but I do not understand why she thought this would be a good comeback single. It’s laughable and a bit dated. Yet it is still rather fun so you can’t blame poor Nelly for trying. Career’s over now.

187. Of Monsters And Men – Dirty Paws
Chart Peak: #9
‘they used to sing about the birds and the bees’

On the opposite end of the spectrum to Little Talks, yet still recognisably Of Monsters And Men, Dirty Paws is a lovely plodding song, telling a sort of story that eventually builds up to a tantalising climax of sound. It makes very little sense aside from it being about some animals. A DITTY is one way of describing this I suppose, all very charming and pretty much impossible to hate.

186. Young Dreams – Fog Of War (& 186a. The New Division – Kids)
Chart Peak: #9
‘waiting for my own Athena’

We’re getting through all the #9s today, that’s really quite coincidental. Hosting UP XI I fell in love with a couple of tracks entered, notably Fog Of War (and Kids which is almost as good so it gets an honourable mention hurr (both deserve higher than that)). So much so people thought I’d sent it. Aside from me never having sent a male vocalled song yet (something I plan to remedy soon), I don’t think it sounds like what I’d enter, but it is pretty fab nonetheless. It’s a lovely track, not that there’s so much interesting with vocals going on, but it feels amazing when you listen to it, due to the instrumental. Kids has the same thing going on, a load of wonderful instrumentals with some soothing vocals over the top of it.

185. Mary N’Diaye – Big Dreamer
Chart Peak: #4
‘somehow I’ll always know my time will come, I’ll never give up’

An absolutely massive track with a stunning vocal from Miss N’Diaye, it’s got that lifting production reminiscent of Titanium and Euphoria (but nowhere near as good), nevertheless all excellent stuff and it would have been an amazing Eurovision entry had it been saved for this year’s Melodifestivalen, although I have a feeling she has an even better track up her sleeve, I hope at least, this did tire after a while.

184. Sub Focus feat. Alpines – Tidal Wave
Chart Peak: #5
‘your love washes over, like a tidal wave’

The first track by Sub Focus that I’ve really connected with, no doubt because it features the vocals of the occasionally amazing Alpines. It’s not perfect by any means but it was a lovely choon for the latter part of the year – and that dubstep bridge is divine. I normally hate those so that’s a real achievement. (normally hate them? what lies are you telling)

183. Eluveitie – A Rose For Epona
Chart Peak: #20
‘These great stone walls are cold and silent’

About the only entry for a non-Nightwish metal band (and there should have been more, you know this), Eluveitie do something rather rare here, they give a track fully over to a female member of the band, and it produces something wonderful (the rest of their material is standard screamy metal). There’s still a little bit of metal there but otherwise this shows off the vocalists’ voice wonderfully. With a crashing chorus, there’s nothing more I really want from this genre. (and it should have been about 100 places higher)

182. MS MR – Hurricane
Chart Peak: #6
‘Welcome to the inner workings of my mind’

The highest entry for MS MR, their wonderful big single Hurricane. It’s not something you can really RAVE to, but the drop into the chorus is something pretty lovely and it’s really relaxing to listen to. Unlike Bones it doesn’t have as fantastic an ending but it’s stronger all the way through. Also one of the best things about the top 10 in XLVII, one of the only ones I could really endorse there.

181. Hilltop Hoods feat. Sia – I Love It
Chart Peak: #9
‘we have nothing but the cocksure’

And here we have the first entry of many for Sia, and what a year she has had. I think this first appeared at the turn of the year so it’s had the whole year to work its way into my mind – and despite the rapping being fairly uninspiring, it’s not offensive by any means and is nice to listen to. The real star comes with the chorus, where Sia does her usual thing and makes me love it. basil.gif (I’ll show myself out) (this is a good underrated Sia track if you’re interested)
180. Prance Faris – Flares
Chart Peak: #16
‘when i get that motion’

Instrumental gloriousness, that’s what this is. The chipmunk noises add to it, but it’s the crashing instrumentation in a riff that sounds like you’ve heard it before somewhere that make this so enjoyable.
There is only one comment on the Youtube audio clip and it sums up my own feelings on this one’s hit potential:

Struggling to see why this surefire international hit has little over 300 views!

Excellently produced song, should’ve been huge. If it was by Swedish House Mafia or someone similar, it would be.

179. Charlotte Perelli – The Girl
Chart Peak: #24

Not really hitting me until after the fact from Melodifestivalen, in fact it was walking down a sunny street in Tenerife with this blasting in my iPod. Pop gloriousness (specifically it’s the sort of ‘genuinely-feels-like-a-gay-anthem’ gloriousness, even though I’m one of those heteros that still inexplicably loves pop music (haha, I would grow out of pop music… a bit… am still hetero though)) to the end. It has flaws, I can see what it was that made it fail but its the sort of schlager-pop that Melodifestivalen was built for. This was the first year I actively followed MF so any gaps in my knowledge I will try to fill at some point.

178. Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party – Antidote
Chart Peak :#5
‘tear this mother up, start a riot’

There’s a desperate urgency to this track, an urgency to get on the dancefloor and dance until there is nothing left. It’s probably SHM’s least good productional work but it’s a bit more exciting than Greyhound (which is still fairly fab btw). Doesn’t come close to Miami 2 Ibiza or Don’t You Worry Child and it sounded far better when it was new but it’s still a fantastic dance track.

177. Cedric Gervais – Molly
Chart Peak: #10
‘I’ve been searching everywhere and I can’t seem to find Molly’

Racing through the dance hits of the year and knocking them down one by one, next to fall is Molly. Relying on the gimmick of a computer voice, something quite awesomely unique and fabulous, it has a great instrumental but was big with me for all of one month and then I completely forgot about before going through here so it’s done well to get this high.

176. iamamiwhoami – drops
Chart Peak: #31
‘Build up from the ground, wipe clean of your frowns’

Second appearance for iamamiwhoami – this time with drops. I have two things I think about this song: #1, that it gets more beautiful and yet more unable for me to get a hold of everytime that I listen to it, and #2, that they’ve taken the music video QUITE literally.

175. The Script – Hall Of Fame (not that great, shouldn’t have been even in here)
Chart Peak: #14
‘you could be a master, don’t wait for luck’

Yeah it’s by the numbers The Script, but I always fall for that opening piano riff (probably the only reason it’s here). Otherwise it’s not the greatest, and that message has been done to death, but will.i.am actually makes it ok and it’s one of the more enjoyable (Heart-FM friendly) big hits of the year.

174. Linkoban – Like This
Chart Peak: #7
‘while I amble up and down between the levels in my head’

A crazy Danish-Asian rap track. It is AWESOME. So much cool swagger in one song. And it’s better than it sounds, even though her rapping is nothing compared to the likes of Azealia or M.I.A, it’s good enough for my tastes. I decided to go all-out risky while hosting UP with this and it grew on me during the contest. I still think getting it to 21st was an achievement as it drew in haters from seemingly all over the shop. Either way, proud of you Linkoban – maybe I won’t try something so overt next time. 3 UP entries down, 1 still to come. In contrast we have 9 BJSC entries oops.

173. Josh Turner – Pallbearer
Chart Peak: #17
‘travelling to the graveyard, counting down the miles’

Very much a Johnny Cash pastiche, at least to my ears, actually, dear god, the vocal resemblance is uncanny, Pallbearer really hit me hard when it was entered into BJSC. Not the sort of thing I’d ever expect to be giving 12 points, I was quite sad when it didn’t make it, but then it isn’t the sort of thing I’d expect to. Gloomy as hell subject matter to be singing about but props for sounding like you ARE a musical legend.

172. Morgan Page feat. Tegan & Sara – Body Work
Chart Peak: #6
‘Can I make all the moves I’m planning tonight, without risking it all’

Body Work is rather fabulous, it’s still very very good and I’m far too tired to be writing coherently about it. T&S do better throughout the whole song than they do in Closer, their voices work seamlessly with the instrumental and it evokes a few emotions at times. Impressive for what is essentially a dance song.

171. Ruby Goe – Badman
Chart Peak: #14
‘your words are killing me, killing me, blow by blow’

Badman is a superb indie-hip-hop track with an infectious beat (seriously, WOW) that leads up to a great chorus. Ruby Goe is amazingly talented. A bit of an awful name for a song but it makes up for it by being so COOL.
170. Mandinga – Zaleilah
Chart Peak: #8
‘zalelalilahleylaleleyeyeye *romanian instrumental*’

#13 on the Eurovision countdown, and we come to Romanian dance number designed to bring the house down, were it not for ropey live vocals and such. It’s no Mr Saxobeat or Amazing but it was pleasing to see a textbook example of a currently popular genre get into Eurovision and do reasonably well. After initially finding it wonderful, it didn’t really hold up as well as I’d like – compared to much of Eurovision this year it was really basic.

169. Molly Sandén – Why Am I Crying?
Chart Peak: #10
‘love’s so overrated’

Back to Melodifestivalen, and it’s one of its successes this time, that of very beautiful Swedish singer Molly Sandén, so she’s hot and has a great voice, what’s not to love? She’s clearly singing here about being dumped by the Saade, and no, I don’t know why she’s crying either. It’s quite hard to believe she’s only a year older than me, she seems to have so much experience (and a long career from looking at Wiki) and this is the sort of ballad that the likes of Kelly Clarkson would kill to own. The chorus seems so raw and passionate and that is good.

168. Marina and The Diamonds – Teen Idle
Chart Peak: #20
‘the wasted years, the wasted youth’

One of three Marina tracks to make it in as ‘singles’, two of them being album tracks in the real world. I never really connected with Power & Control much as a single and I’ve completely ignored the existence of How To Be A Heartbreaker. This is one of the standouts on Electra,, some really clever lyrics with change-ups into the chorus at just the right moment. It didn’t enter my chart until a month or two after getting the album, so a late bloomer, unlike the other album track up in here. It’s a masterclass in producing a midtempo sensitive pop song.

167. Xenia – Sing You Home
Chart Peak: #3
‘kinda like the way it feels’

First of my BJSC entries to show up, and it’s quite a lot lower than all the others. It’s still an excellent track that I adore, but it hasn’t aged gracefully and I think it getting last place in XLII was not unsurprising (although at the time it held the record for most points for a last placer wub.gif), in fact I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had DNQed, I got lucky there. From the Voice US, Xenia has naturally a great voice and this is a very cool track (by which I notice its tempo being very well-paced). And it’s about.. yeah, I don’t know nor do I understand the title. Something about stars and bridges and writing on the wall. (not one of my strongest entries)

166. Loreen – Do We Even Matter
Chart Peak: #12
‘now nothing going to feel like what it was before’

My non-single highlight off Heal, it’s a song that has very minimal production, going for a simple beat, and its sole purpose is really to show off Loreen’s voice. There’s some angst in here, mixed with emotion and longing – all from one voice, and the contrast from the mellow verses to the powerful chorus is lovely.

165. Alt-J – Breezeblocks
Chart Peak: #23
‘The fear has gripped me but here I go’

The one reason why I don’t declare Alt-J to be the most overrated, awful band of all time this year (I hated them at first but now call myself a fan, again, I change a lot). His voice normally annoys me so much and the rest of their songs aren’t particularly good. This is lovely though. A catchy hook line with an excellent beat and they have me addicted (I was a little bit addicted to this a few months ago and I had mixed feelings of joy and annoyance because of it). I also like unique videos and the Breezeblocks video is quite inspired (backwards effects WOO)

164. Owl City – I’m Coming After You
Chart Peak: #6
‘One of these days I’ll end up tracking you down’

Getting through the album tracks with speed now, this was one of a few tracks that instantly stood out on The Midsummer Station. It’s a loud pop song about Owl City following a ‘bad girl’ around town (stalker! ohmy.gif). That’s about all you need to know about it. Oh, and it’s the sort of thing I want One Direction to be doing (they don’t need to be doing anything). I wouldn’t despise them if they released tracks like this, and I could easily see them doing it.

163. Agnes – One Last Time
Chart Peak: #18
‘and you can blame it on the crazy’

Ballad time from Agnes, it’s not really as good as Don’t Go Breaking My Heart or Release Me – shouldn’t really be comparing them though as they’re completely different styles of song. I’d almost forgotten that this was this year when it came to counting down, so that’s why it’s out early, but it’s cute. And a bit sad, if you consider the lyrics a bit more.

162. Nicki Minaj – Starships (oh there is still something from her in here, I’m not perfect yet)
Chart Peak: #5
‘Jump in my hooptie hooptie hoop, I own that’

First off, this fell a lot of places due to overplay. We Are Young dropped out contention entirely because of it. Starships is just not the same anymore and the video doth not help. Getting slightly sick of Ms Minaj right about now to be perfectly honest. Nevertheless it is a good hit but unless I don’t hear it again for a few months I won’t really love it again. I loved it originally, the rap is good and catchy like it was on Superbass. Could really do without the breakdowns and the ‘higher than a motherfucker’ part listening to it now.

161. Purity Ring – Fineshrine (<3 what a great song)
Chart Peak: #8
‘cut open my sternum and pull’

On the other end of the spectrum, we have some glorious indie-pop courtesy of Purity Ring. They have another song still in this game and I’ll have more to say when we get there I’m sure, I’ve enjoyed their singles this year a lot. Fineshrines did make my top 10 but like Agnes, I almost forgot it until it came to counting down and then I was like ‘Yeah, that was fairly awesome’.
160. Pastora Soler – Quedate Conmigo
Chart Peak: #19
‘Perdóname si no supe amarte amor’

#12 for the Spanish entry this year, an unusually serious and good try from them this time round. I know some people around here love this more than me, for most people on here, your favourite entry was this if it wasn’t Euphoria. It does build and build throughout the track quite gracefully and while I don’t find it AS interesting as some other entries this year, a) whatta voice and b) just glad to like Spain’s attempt for once. Should really have finished higher within the top 10 to be honest. Could have knocked those awful Turkish and German songs down for a start.

159. Ian Carey feat. Rosette, Timbaland & Brasco – Amnesia
Chart Peak: #11
‘You took away all our love and trust’

A dance-pop song that’s kinda been bubbling under my love throughout the year, I know it’s not that great a construct of a song but it’s extremely addictive and enjoyable regardless. Rosette’s chorus and verses are a highlight of the song and even Brasco’s verse is good. The element of the song that lets it down is Timbaland. After the third chorus, the song is just screaming to go back into a fourth chorus to finish the whole thing off in a euphoric finale – instead we get 30 seconds of Timbaland repeating a line he did earlier in the song while Rosette tries to maintain SOMETHING. It’s a letdown really. It could be about… 40 places higher with that implemented.

158. Lil Wayne feat. Bruno Mars – Mirror (very good for Mr Wayne, almost as good as Sucker For Pain which I am enjoying at time of writing – but that’s about it, he needs to collaborate with someone I already like a few songs from for me to like one of his songs)
Chart Peak: #6
‘through my rise and fall, you’ve been my only friend’

It’s often the collabs that look awful that are the best (prominent example: International Love), and while I do like Bruno to an extent, this isn’t exactly a collab that fills me with anticipation. Thankfully, Lil Wayne is on form for once, his slower, more thoughtful rapping is appreciated here and Bruno does a killer hip-hop chorus as per for him on these sort of songs. Not a song I expected to like but was pleased that I did – although I barely remember that it was this year it seems so long ago.

157. Orange Caramel – Lipstick
Chart Peak: #17
‘ottokhan kotnare beil geot gata’

This one has such a good sense of RHYTHM. Weird/slightly hot table tennis video notwithstanding, it’s very enjoyable to listen to because you feel there’s been effort put into this song to make it sound so pleasingly rhythmic. It’s also very addictive, once you listen once you do have to listen again, especially as it won’t get out of your head. Hmm, maybe I finally do understand why Oricon gets ridiculous play count numbers (a k-pop stan, mercilessly taunt him if you ever come across him, but K-Pop like this is a classic). K-Pop at its finest. I think this actually may be the highest a K-Pop group has gotten in my chart – often I do find the groups a little over the top, large and full of sound effects that aren’t so good. There are a few exceptions. I Am The Best is one of them. Lipstick is another.

156. Rudimental feat. Alex Clare & John Newman – Not Giving In
Chart Peak: #3
‘lost my mind and lost my goal’

Rudimental’s second single lasted nowhere near as long as the first in my chart. Alex Clare is used to good effect, he sounds very similar to Too Close, a song I never got fully on board with. This time his voice really works for me. Like with a lot of songs, it’s all about the jump to the chorus, and this time it’s rather subtle, a piano whispering of the title before going into a familiar Rudimental chorus. It’s not quite as good as Feel The Love but it was enjoyable for a month or so during October/November.

155. WTF – Da Bop
Chart Peak: #8

I love this kind of novelty record and I don’t care how silly it is, I will bop along every single time. (this is short but that’s all there is to say, check this out and you won’t be disappointed)

154. Redlight – Lost In Your Love
Chart Peak: #6
‘I don’t need you, but something’s wrong’

Similar to Rudimental, Redlight’s second single peaked higher with me, but didn’t last as long in my affections, or at the higher end anyway, it spent a lot of time in my chart regardless. Lost In Your Love is fairly inoffensive to listen to and there are some rather fun production things going on but it’s never gotten me raving like Get Out My Head has.

153. D’Banj – Oliver Twist
Chart Peak: #23
‘I like Rihanna, she make me dey go gaga’

Does it sound to anyone else like he’s saying ‘I am a cuttlefish’? No? Just me? Ok, then. I hated this when it first came out but it wrapped itself around my brain and refused to let go until I charted it. So I did. One of the catchier rap tracks of the year, although there are plenty that are more catchy to come.

152. Eli & Fur – Sea Of Stars
Chart Peak: #39
‘Supernatural in your eyes’

So yeah, I can’t believe I only charted this at #39 originally. That instrumental that just washes over you and keeps going throughout the whole song YES!!! And then there are the duo’s vocals that compliment the instrumentation perfectly by being subtle enough that you can still feel it below their voices. Really, really, enjoyable song, I can be in any mood to listen to this. In fact, it’s only the first of two incredible BJSC songs in here where the participant did not vote, it turned out they would have been a criminal DNQ had they done so or not, and I was left wondering what people were on to not see it.

151. Plan B – iLL Manors
Chart Peak:
‘What you looking at you little rich boy’

One of the most politically charged songs of the year, and it did make me briefly interested in Plan B again. Stay Too Long got me interested in him in the first place but his following singles weren’t up to much. This brings him right back to the centre of things with a VERY enjoyable rap track and it is the lyrics that help here. They’re clever and hard-hitting, and they are pretty much what make the song. It’s so unusual for a track like this to get into the charts – even if it was only brief, so it was welcomed. Although probably not that well by the government. Anyway… Plan B up, I did like Lost My Way for a little bit but not enough to make it in here, but continue making great rap tracks like this and I will be so on board with Mr Ballance-Drew and his songs.

Yeah there’s not all that much to say down here and for the most part, with a couple of exceptions, I still actually agree with the rough positions of a lot of these songs. Easy blog post!


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