A Review of the New Game

So I finished New Game over the last couple of days and as I have finished it, it’s the perfect time to air my thoughts on it. As I will do for any anime I finish from now on. As I said in my last article, I’m not that experienced in slice-of-life comedies even though I did start my anime ‘career’ with that sort of thing. The cute quotient here I always expected to be the strong point of the series and for the most part it did fulfill my expectations, that throughout watching there would be lots of cute misunderstandings and nice things to look at. It was an easy series to watch in bed in mornings or just before going to sleep in that respect. And that’s all very valuable as a bit of light entertainment, that serves a purpose.

I didn’t expect New Game to be much more than that and while it’s not the greatest series ever, it did make me really interested in some of the injustices that go on in the Japanese workplace. Eagle Jump seems a pleasant place to spend most of your time but as ReLife showed earlier this season, not all workplaces are like that and unfortunately in the real world I suspect that’s the case for a lot. The amount of hours that even a nice fluffy gaming company expected its employees to work seems insane to my western eyes. And that’s something that I hope starts to be pushed back against in Japanese culture as you absolutely cannot produce your best work on so much productivity, all the times the girls in New Game were tired in the series proved that. So even for a cute fluffy inconsequential series it has a good societal point that I hope will resonate in at least some Japanese workplaces. Because if you are working those kind of hours and it isn’t something you absolutely enjoy like Aoba and friends were lucky to have, your life is being spent in debt to some company you barely care about and that’s a pretty awful set of affairs.

On less serious notes, the best character (and by necessity best girl as like with Love Live, men are nearly banned from this universe) absolutely has to be Umiko, nearly every line was gold from her, particularly her dry sarcasm in dealing with Aoba’s annoying friend, good comic pairing there. Additionally she seemed headstrong without being overbearing and should be a very positive role model. More characters like Umiko in anime are always welcome wherever they may appear.

To conclude, New Game is worth your time if you’re just looking for a lighthearted bit of fluff comedy about cute anime girls. I can’t understand why that wouldn’t appeal to be honest. Compared against what else I’ve seen in the genre, which isn’t much, it has a bit of a point to it and characters that are all pleasant, where only Nenecchi might get a little grating. But it took me almost no time to watch through because it’s so easy. So if you do give it a go and intend to give it 3 episodes, you might just end up watching it all anyway.


3 thoughts on “A Review of the New Game

  1. i work at a company in the west where you’re expected to put the time in to get the job done with no extra compensation. i generally avoid going overtime, but i know a lot of people who put an insane number of hours in


    1. It isn’t just a Japanese problem, true. Work culture can be insane anywhere, depends completely on the company – but it’s definitely something that appears to be a big problem for Japanese salarymen.

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