Opinion Pieces

I See Stars

I wish I could see stars right now but sadly the view outside my window is currently rather grey and dull. Such is the peril of living on this northerly windswept isolated isle. Yet a couple of days ago it was astonishingly clear and I had the good fortune to be, unusually for me, in an area with very little light pollution so I managed to make good on my blog name, which is partly influenced by my love for starry landscapes, and took a great look at the autumn sky.

Stargazing is something I love doing when out at night, so I try to make sure that when I am out at night, it is clear so that I can look up at the stars and wonder about what must be behind all of those blinking points of light. Each distant star could hold a huge system full of planets with vast natural landscapes, seas, islands and perhaps even life. Each and every one has that potential. And we can see evidence of an isolated world all from our own tiny corner. This is a very ‘universe is big’ moment but there is such a romanticism attached to that that I can’t help but fall for the idealism that we should work towards reaching the stars, put aside our petty squabbles for money and power and dedicate ourselves to studying the wonders of the universe and the wonders inside ourselves. Through writing and other forms of art. (gotta keep my skills in there somewhere)

That’s pushing my agenda out there, true, but it is essentially correct, Our society, focused on capitalist success of the individual (and corporate as individuals too if not more so), damages our collective advancement as a species by prioritising more destructive capitalist ventures. We may destroy our own planet before we ever get off it – the recent rise of CO2 to a point where it will take ages to recover is proof of that.

I can’t do anything about that in my current position, but I will do my utmost throughout my life to aid in advancing us as a species, by advocating equality, openness and advancement of education and sciences. When this world is ready, it can reach out to those stars, if it has put its differences behind it.

Aside: Quite apart from the political tangent I went off on here, I got a very dark night a couple of days ago but still there was some light from nearby settlements. One of the goals of my life is to spend a night completely isolated from any artificial light so that the stars can shine down on me in all of their beauty. That would be incredible.


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