I’m getting older. That is all I have to say for today. I love this blog but I don’t know, doing a normal post on this day, like even just an extra backfill, which I’ve normally been doing on those days when I don’t have much to write, seems a little weird. I’m not even that old but it still feels quite significant an age advance.

One of my presents has been a book on how to draw manga. I have no artistic talent so getting a little bit of artistic talent may actually be useful. I am not a complete weeaboo. I swear. Honest. But my Asiaphilia has become apparent to those who know me. In a normal sense.

Anyway, as a little bit of an update, am planning the next post for History Of A Nation, on either the Minoan civilization or Norte Chico to come up soon, got extra backfills coming, will probably write more TV and anime posts as I watch shows, have started on Shield Of Arrav (what I have decided with Runescape Storytime is to slow it down as I write more and when I get to the members point, put it on hold while I write up the basics of each quest in the background and then at some point in the future, get membership on Cassie’s account and blitz through the quests. Planning guys, planning).



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