End Of Year

Backfill 2013 EOY: Part 3 of 4

Back to this. I want to finish filling this in before December, as then I’ll start on my one for this year – and that will be posted here and Buzzjack simultaneously. As usual, bold for tracks that should be higher, but because I want to leave the links in now, I’ll strike through tracks that are less good for tracks that are a bit awful compared to what I’ve rated them as. Italics are my comments now, unless they’re lyrics. Which are there too. This is all copied over from Buzzjack.com, archive writing by myself. That’s the point of ‘backfill’ to put writings I’ve published elsewhere before this and that I can’t get away with passing off as something new.
120. The Saturdays – Gentleman
He over-compensates by buying you fancy cars, just to cover up the fact that he stays out all night in bars

Yeah… probably quite embarrassing in hindsight (indeed it is) but it did get into my top 5 at one point. Weak for the Saturdays, but a very enjoyable quirky ride nonetheless, the final speedy verse being the highlight of the ride.

119. Pawws – Slow Love
And I’m over crying tears for you, let’s slow it down and we can fall into the groove

Acting like a more upbeat and instant CHVRCHES, Pawws has a very lovable track here with Slow Love (score another point for Bal), that I am quite happy to get behind. I remember the days when songs with the word ‘Slow’ in the title actually were slow. Not that I mind at all.  (also also this is an awesome pop track and holds up to this day, definitely one worth checking out if you like CHVRCHES or pop like that) 
118. Devlin (feat. Diane Birch) – Rewind
You wanna cry well come and hold me then, I think I need the blessing of some holy man

Back to the beginning of 2013 and it was like we’d been on a rewind back to the beginning of 2012 as this song that bore many resemblances to Alone Again turned up. Devlin is on fine form as ever though and the chorus is suitably pretty.

117. Vienna Teng – Never Look Away
Detect my sudden existence on your sonar

And another very perfect BJSC entry, Never Look Away is unbelievably good. Such clever lyrics with such impeccable timing and a lovely melody, I might have to check out some more Vienna Teng if this is just one of her songs. Soon. (probably one of my favourite pop songs I’ve discovered in the last couple of years and definitely from the BJSC, I’d put it very high, the melody is so beautifully bubbly and just keeps building)

116. Demi Lovato – Heart Attack
You make me glow, but I cover up

Well aside from a period at the start of the year when I was denying this was a good song (always a safe bet with Disney pop stars to be fair, I did that again in 2015 with Cool For The Summer before I decided I liked that too, Demi’s pretty reliable in all honesty), I like Heart Attack, and yes, I came round. Mainly because it’s so nice to sing along to. Lyrics are a bit eh aside from the chorus but Demi’s voice is as intriguing as ever. Not quite as good as Skyscraper but getting there.

115. Tensnake & Syron – Mainline
Hooked on a habit, of love I can’t escape, you’ve got your love potion flowing through my veins

What a catchy tune. One of the best discoveries I’ve made from UP and in fact the highest one this year. Greatly produced tune, great rhythm in the chorus and throughout and over before you know it, leaving you wanting more.

114. Tonight Alive – The Ocean
I’m just waiting for the walls of my insides to come clean

Not about menstruation. Just so we have that clear. I had been following Tonight Alive for a while, as Australia’s answer to Paramore they were certainly making music I’d be interested in, then this single debuted, and it was possibly their best yet. Very beautiful longing female rock song. So my music taste in one song (I am known sometimes for loving female-fronted rock above all else, my favourite band is Nightwish after all with Paramore hanging up around the top). Followup Lonely Girl also spent a little while in my chart but failed to make it up here.

113. Emerentia – Wasting Water
I see my northern star, guided by it’s light

Scandipop has really had a bad year for me, there have been very few efforts from the genre to have really grabbed me. This is one of them. An absolutely huge chorus, an great, slightly vulnerable voice and some great lyrical writing come together to produce a song I listened to over and over again. I would have entered it into BJSC but Ryan, ever loony, got there first and I knew he had gotten there first (if I haven’t mentioned already I have a friendly rivalry with ‘Ryan’, I’m bolding too much but this is another incredible pop song). Still, if any of Ramrynia’s entries should have won, this was it. (The song I did enter to that contest is quite a bit higher so.. vindicated)

112. Autre Ne Veut – Counting
I don’t wanna die and break it off

The huge single from Autre Ne Veut is next. Unlike any other song I’ve heard this year, the way his voice changes and the overbearing of the dark backing track make this track. So very very beautiful and thoughtful. (argh why is this so low too)

111. Hot Natured (feat. Anabel Englund) – Reverse Skydiving
Spell my name with lightning and keep rewinding

My only experience with Hot Natured so far, but it’s a very nice one, very measured and quite rhythmic, such addictiveness. Anabel Englund has an intriguing voice, and the track gets pretty trippy near the end too.

110. Katy B – Crying For No Reason
I felt strong but am I breaking now?

Dear god, even a dance diva knows how to tug at the old heartstrings. On its way to becoming one of the best songs she’s ever released, Katy’s remarkably good at showing emotion when she wants to. Why is this woman not a rip-roaring success already? (this would be one of her better successes, and I think it is her best song now, possibly)

109. Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)
Writers keep writing what they write, somewhere another pretty vein just died

This year we also had the very welcome return of Fall Out Boy, although I only paid attention to the major event that was the first single, a song that is just as good and maybe better than some of their old songs. I feel so ALIVE after listening to this. And the long title is worth every character.

108. Selena Gomez – Come & Get It
I’m not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets ~ (italic future speaking: there are regrets)

I love Selena and this is pretty brilliant for a comeback single, especially without her Scene, but it does miss out on my top 100 because the chorus could be just that little bit better. The background world-esque vocals are one of the best parts about it. Didn’t tire of it for a long time though, mainly all the way until the album got released.

107. You Me At Six – Lived A Lie
And if I lived a lie, would someone meet me on the other side

The big song from You Me At Six is next up. It is pretty basic rock but that does mean it works, by being unable to fall flat and the chorus is anthemic enough to keep it this high. I’m glad they seem to be breaking through more and more.

106. Caro Emerald – Liquid Lunch
At least I found my pillow ‘cause I can’t find my keys

Another of my #1s, which means two of them fall before the top 100. Oo-er. Like all of the best Caro Emerald songs, Liquid Lunch whips along at a breakneck pace, has remarkably clever lyrics, and it’s pretty damn addictive. Especially with a song that’s just about alcohol.

105. Ayumi Hamasaki – Microphone
Ataete oshiete kureru no wa itsumo anata dakara

Any song that starts off with both a hasty classical sample and follows it off with some heavy rock beats means that the listener is in for a wild ride, and a ride I will love very much. (quite the rocky section so far) I don’t think I ever expected a song like this from Ayumi, not that I knew many from her before. Microphone is a masterpiece of Japanese rock, and the unless I’ve forgotten anything, the best Asian song from 2013 I’ve come across. (wow, 2013 was probably the last one where I can say that – as Asian music would be a huge dominator of my world from 2014 onwards, tune)

104. Some Minor Noise – Understanding
It’s just a short time now until you die

A slower and more thoughtful song here, from one of Canada’s best new electropop talents, the slightly mysterious Some Minor Noise. It’s pretty lovely most of the way through, quickly switching between electro-synths and rich vocals, definitely fell in love with this one even more than I expected to through sending it to UP.

103. CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share
We’ve come as far as we’re ever gonna get

Barely registering on my radar back at the end of last year when it was a hit in BJSC, as CHVRCHES started putting out more tracks, and became more out there, I fell for the charms of their best single, hey, forget what I said about the rock, now the section’s temporarily become a temple for electropop. It was quite an unlikely minor hit but I was cheering it on all the way by that point, and love it very much now. (and someone tell me what this masterpiece is doing as low as #103?)

102. Disclosure (feat. Eliza Doolittle) – You & Me
You’ve got my secret combination, and I don’t be giving that out easily

The weakest of Disclosure’s big 4, not a slight because they’re all pretty flawless. (I had nothing to say about this then and I still don’t now, is a decent song)

101. Tich – Obsession
I remember January, February, March, April, May, been thinking about you, boy, every single day

Yes, I charted Tich (you can call me insane (Tich is a meme on Buzzjack)). But at least she isn’t in my top 100. biggrin.gif And unlike the very dumb Dumb, Obsession is a pretty clever and charming pop song. So I’ll allow it. For now. Until the next time, Tich. Then I won’t be so lenient.

100. Tal & M Pokora – Envole-Moi
J’ai pas choisi de naître ici, entre l’ignorance et la violence et l’ennui
Chart Peak: #7

I do not normally have much love for French-pop, I’m not sure why (I’m not sure why either, French cultured pop is awesome), but this year several songs have started attempts to cure me of that, chief among them this glorious French duet between TAL and M Pokora. I knew nothing of the latter and had no real love for the former’s music, but this is a very huge pop song, it keeps getting better and better and each singer complements the other brilliantly. That’s how you do music in French. (or just in general)

99. Arctic Monkeys – Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High
Sort of feels like I’m running out of time
Chart Peak: #19

Better even than Do I Wanna Know, the very dark Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High continues that trend from AM of really moody but not crazy singles. It feels almost laid-back for them despite the upbeat tempo. It is very good on repeats, especially because of the short running time and the addictive repeating of the long title (similar to Fall Out Boy in that respect).

98. Alyssa Reid – Running Guns
Do you feel, do you feel alone?
Chart Peak: #9

The first single from Alyssa’s new album and the first one to surface this year showed she’s definitely updated her sound to continue in the current pop scene, even if the current pop scene is rejecting her. It’s bursting with pop hooks and sounds really well put together, if it’s a little light on clever lyrics her vocals on the lyrics we do have does make up for it. Smash hit that never was. sad.gif (I’ve kind of gone off Alyssa Reid since, this ain’t bad but is not awesome either)

97. Avicii – Hey Brother
Oh if the sky comes falling down, for you, there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do
Chart Peak: #2

The latest big #2 hit in both my chart and the official chart, Hey Brother is also part 2 here in why Avicii has graduated himself to the best DJ in the business. I’ve just purchased True so I hope it lives up to this. The country-dance sound is something I get very much, the appeal to sibling solidarity very close to home, and as probably the direct sequel to Wake Me Up it is almost as addictive as that dance monster. Nothing but love for this. (and that’s a sentiment that continues)

96. Cardiknox – Hold Me Down
But I can’t help but feel like you know I deserve this
Chart Peak: #3

Fun fact: If no-one from the opposite semi had voted for Cardiknox, they would have finished bottom of the final after winning semi 2 by a landslide. I still have no idea what happened there. (what did happen is that it won the semi and I thought it’d win the contest or come close but instead slumped into 19th) Hold Me Down is a veritable electropop storm of a track, some very fantastic vocals from the female member of the duo, making some very cool noises on the background of the instrumental, and I was very obsessed back in September.

95. DVBBS & Borgeous – Tsunami
Chart Peak: #10

There are no words for how brilliant this piece of dance music is; it’s a huge huge wave of energy. Will hopefully be a huge smash in the new year as we all imagine Tinie Tempah isn’t actually rapping over the phenomenal music. (something I still maintain to, I love the instrumental of this but cannot stand the version with vocals, I’m not opposed to Tinie, it’s just his version is crap)

94. ESDM – Contigo Hasta El Final (With You Until The End)
Que amenazó mi corazón
Chart Peak: Did Not Chart

Time for the highest of the few songs I allowed in here without ever charting them, and there’s a very clear reason for this. Up until the very day of the Eurovision final, I dismissed Spain’s entry as one of the weakest in the final with a plain and boring melody. Then the unthinkable happened. The performance on the night brought it alive for me completely, and from then on it was complete love (Spain’s best Eurovision entry even, even though I’m the only one who thinks that). It’s very Celtic despite the Spanish lyrics, but the key to is its sweetness and the longing portrayed in a song that pretty much knows it’s doomed to failure. I’m not sure if that makes sense but.. cute, underrated, underdog, anything like that. Somehow turned out to be one of my favourite Eurovision entries this year. (and of the decade, somehow, very few other people like it)

93. Matt Cardle & Melanie C – Loving You
But why do we only give it up, give it up in the dark
Chart Peak: #3

Speaking of songs that seemed like they were doomed to failure… we have a very unlikely duet, which worked for me incredibly well. Mel C is the best Spice Girl and Matt is, for all his faults, probably the best male X-Factor winner (damning with faint praise there), and what was produced from it was a very nice surprise of a great adult pop song.

92. Ólafur Arnalds (feat. Arnór Dan) – So Close
Shadows and lies mask you from me
Chart Peak: #11

Based on this, Ljosid and For Now I Am Winter, Ólafur specialises in making very beautiful atmospheric instrumentals which are unique and lovely in each track. This is particularly lovely as the vocals added really spice up the emotion laden in this track, a fantastic discovery from BJSC in the first half of the year. I’ve continued listening to it regularly throughout the remainder. (awesome awesome awesome track and I’ve never even watched Broadchurch)

91. Michael Woods – Platinum Chains
Chart Peak: #9

Well I am mostly used to the ‘Rontvian Club Edit’ which works perfectly well for me. biggrin.gif Fantastic instrumental to conclude a section that is rather full with BJSC entries, it was my top scorer in what I saw as being the best contest of this year and although one song from that contest has now sneaked ahead of it I have lost no love for this warm and vibrating instrumental in the 9 months or so since. It is very epic.

90. Cascada – Glorious
Found a love that eyes cannot see
Chart Peak: #7

As an erstwhile big fan of Cascada (and what 00s teen wasn’t?) I was quite willing to see what they came up with for a Eurovision entry. The result, a very Euphoria-inspired dance-pop song stuck with me for a long time, which, combined with the tendency of Eurovision songs to get longer runs in my chart, meant it would have been my highest non-#1 on points and 7th in that case. I do love it a lot, but not quite that much. It probably could be a little higher if it didn’t feel so derivative, but as is, still felt like one of the better songs performed on the night in Malmo and the low placing was not deserved at all.

89. Janelle Monáe (feat. Erykah Badu) – Q.U.E.E.N
Is it peculiar that she twerk in the mirror? And am I weird to dance alone late at night?
Chart Peak: #7

I did not notice the return of Miss Monáe until Dance Apocalyptic. That doesn’t mean I ended up preferring it, after listening to the first single it got a late debut in my chart and went on to outperform the other in my affections. The slow deliberate robotic chorus is lovely once you let it grow on you. (I’m not sure I even remember how this goes)

88. Eminem – Berzerk
Say f*** it before we kick the bucket, life’s too short to not go for broke
Chart Peak: #2

Part 2 of Eminem’s big three this year, his monster (pun intended) of a comeback track in Berzerk lands at #88. It’s very catchy and typical Eminem + futuristic sounds, and addictive + a great hook is good enough for me as far as Em goes.

87. Rizzle Kicks – Skip To The Good Bit
Wanna be smart, but I don’t like learning, I wanna be rich, but it takes time earning
Chart Peak: #3

The far more socially acceptable side of rap (although this is a bit more weird, and surely Eminem is more socially acceptable to like than Rizzle Kicks!), and bursting full of trumpets, is Rizzle Kicks’ latest big single. With appropriate kooky video and the personality of the duo that shines through, it’s really hard not for me to love this and continue loving it, it did seem like something I might get bored of quickly but I’m still not bored at all.

86. Ivy Quainoo – Wildfires (Light It Up)
You got to reignite, see the flame about to die
Chart Peak: #7

Another of my favourite discoveries from BJSC, Ivy Quainoo far exceeded my previous opinion of her with this new song. Filled with warm, lovely production and a great drop into the chorus, I am very ready to sing along at all times with ‘LIGHT IT UP, LIGHT IT UP, LIGHT IT UP’. Well sung and brilliantly atmospheric.

85. Imagine Dragons – Demons
When you feel my heat, look into my eyes
Chart Peak: #3

The lifting rock ballad of Demons is the second highest song from Imagine Dragons in this countdown and definitely their most emotional, possibly the emotional alt rock anthem of the year. It was the first one to stand out when I got the album, can’t quite remember whether it was being touted for single material at that point but such a good song to be their ‘other big hit’.

84. Clean Bandit – Mozart’s House
Why must I say it when I hate to speak
Chart Peak: #4

Undeniably one of the most unique top 40 hits of the year, Clean Bandit emerged for me with this song as a very interesting and self-aware band to watch for the future, especially with the gorgeous classical samples they use in this track and the picking up speed of the vocals as one moves through, it’s a wonderful journey. Loving this also helped me to appreciate former BJSC entry ‘A&E’ a lot more than I did at the time and they’re looking good with Rather Be currently atop my chart and therefore currently #1 in the running for 2014. (what a wonder of a track)

83. Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love
Take my hand, I trust your word, bring the fire, I don’t care if it hurts
Chart Peak: #6

Clearly the most popular Eurovision entry around here I of course fell for a bit of this lovely dark electropop that was Norway’s offering. It took a while for me to fully love it though and I was never behind it as much as some people here, but it was still one of my favourite entries of the year and deserved every bit of the success it got.

82. Sam Smith – Nirvana
I’m done with running so I give in to you
Chart Peak: #2

While I haven’t yet listened to all the tracks he has out there (and thank god I didn’t do much more than this), I am definitely anticipating Sam Smith’s solo career as much as one can for an artist who hasn’t yet released a huge single to trouble the charts as the lead (oh you sweet summer child). La La La, Latch and this are all very very lovely tracks and it’s given me enough to have a good idea of what he should sound like. That aside, this is very beautiful stuff, he’s got me at aural nirvana with this even if he’s not quite there himself. (and he would never reach anything anywhere near as good again, despite being the first gay man to get a number one)

81. Valentina Monetta – Crisalide (Vola)
Vola, vola, che la forza arriverà
Chart Peak: #1

Completing a section that has a few Eurovision entries, here’s one more, the ever doomed Sammarinese entry. I was very much in favour of qualifying, like nearly everyone here I imagine, so when that didn’t happen that kinda sucked. The beautiful Italian ballad that turns into an uptempo at the end was far superior and interesting to what the actual Italians ended up sending. The video really captured Val’s plea to qualify and it not happening was heartbreaking. This year it’ll work. (I was prophetic!)

80. Who See – Igranka
Igranka bez prestanka vanka, na podijum ili pored sama šanka
Chart Peak: #6

From one Eurovision song to another, this will be the last one that made it to the actual contest for quite a while here, although that doesn’t rule79 out NF failures making it. Igranka is however my third favourite Eurovision song this year. *.* And it is quite the prospect, deep Montenegrin rap with a screamingly loud and contrasting chorus, I had high hopes for it to be the moment of the year and Montenegro’s first qualification. Obviously that did not happen and the 2013 final was far less fun and had a deep shortage of astronaut suits. (and I maintain that this is one of the biggest crimes of the 2010s with regards to Eurovision, this is most excellent)

79. Paramore – Ain’t It Fun
So what are you gonna do when the world don’t orbit around you?
Chart Peak: #5

Ain’t It Fun is very fun, and sarcastic. I listened to loads upon loads of Paramore this year, even and sometimes especially their retro tracks, but this was one of the standouts from the newest album, lots of personality, and oh god I was just on the verge of descending into doge language (such Paramore, many rocks etc). YAY AIN’T IT FUN. (mainly yay because it got Paramore a lot of success, it’s not their strongest one in hindsight)

78. Mika (feat. Ariana Grande) – Popular Song
Catch up ’cause you got an awful long way to go
Chart Peak: #14

I was very late to the party with this one, I completely ignored it when I first got Origin Of Love and for quite a while when it was a single while doing nothing because that’s what Mika does these days in the UK. I did finally get into it and because it is hella catchy even specially charted even though it was like a year after I first heard it. Perfectly executed duet from one of my favourite singers and a young popstar who I should really pay more attention to. (this was before she got really big and produced songs of… varying quality, oh god, this is me actually claiming to be an Ariana Grande hipster, I swear I don’t mean it like that)

77. Avicii vs Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One
I could be the one to set you free
Chart Peak: #1

One of my first #1s of the year, little did I know at the time the huge year Avicii would have for me and so this came and went pretty quickly at the time. It’s not much like the glorious country-dance he’s doing right now, it’s more traditionally Nordic in its roots but Noonie Bao manages to feel very cool on it and the resulting instrumental beats are very lovely.

76. The Killers – Shot At The Night
Look at my reflection in the mirror, underneath the power of the light
Chart Peak: #8

With more than a few influences of M83 among this wonderfully titled song to lead off their greatest hits, this stuck around with me for a very long time just like any near perfect song should do. Shot At The Night gets most powerful in the lead-up to the final chorus, when the previously light-hearted chorus repeatings become almost desperate. Love all that.

75. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
I never meant to start a war
Chart Peak: #2

There has been so much said, done and memed about this song and its accompanying video throughout the year that it’s verging on overkill (hey anyone remember this song?). Taking the song itself aside from the video and we have a conventional but brilliant pop ballad that Miley sings her way out of very emotionally. Songs like this are how I can get on board with Miley even through all the controversy.

74. Carli – Look Up
Help is on the way
Chart Peak: #8

And on to this speaker-smasher from Carli, which is distinctive for its loudness and the euphoria that comes from that and the very noisy vocals and beats. It’s not subtle at all, which is very good in this case. I love a constantly changing in-your-face dance song most of the time, and this one unlike so many big hits feels clever too. I don’t think I can ever get bored of what it offers.

73. The Colourist – Little Games
Oh we were comin’ around
Chart Peak: #7

I’m so proud of this little song! A former potential for me from early in the year, it took BJFestivalen by storm, something I was not expecting as it captures that uniqueness/personality I like to have (and am constantly searching for) in my BJSC entries and makes it look easy. For something so summery and likeable it should have taken off even a little bit over in the States but unfortunately no luck yet. I guess it’ll take some time before ‘math pop’ comes into the mainstream (and yes, that is what the band call the genre).

72. John Newman – Love Me Again
Now I’m rising from the ground
Chart Peak: #1

A big hit now, from John Newman no less. He’s one of the more enjoyable male pop artists around today and based on this and Feel The Love (and to a lesser extent, Cheating) he is very good. Although of late he may have gained a bit of a fame whore approach (what with that overplay at New Year) it’s only deserved. All hail Sir Newman. (is good but less good than this)

71. Robin Thicke (feat. T.I & Pharrell) – Blurred Lines
Chart Peak: #8

And from one huge hit straight to another, the biggest of the year no less. Despite everything that’s gone against this song I still love going along to the very well placed beats, a great piece of rap from T.I and the feeling of the biggest hit of the year (which just serves to increase my enjoyment of it). Given that #Thicke’s other song was pretty awful it’s a clearly bit of a fluke for him but the success whore in me will never get bored of this. (I got bored of it. And I’m embarassed I put it that high)

70. Mikael Saari – We Should Be Through
I’m more than alright, can’t you see me smile?
Chart Peak: #4

An entry that Finland really should have gotten their act together and sent to Eurovision, Mikael Saari’s huge piano ballad could have probably competed among the best of them at the contest, but at least it was unleashed upon the world anyway. The slow, deliberate piano adds so much to this and with Mikael’s almost tortured vocals, it’s one of the most interesting ballads to come out of NF season this year. UMK was on fine form this year and this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of it yet. It could use a bit longer to properly finish though, it suffers from being a Eurovision entry. (and it REALLY should have been Finland’s entry in 2013, it would have been an awesome piano ballad)

69. Naomi Pilgrim – No Gun
I found my soulmate but we’re screwing just for fun
Chart Peak: #6

This is completely beautiful. What we have here is a pop midtempo with inspired lyrics worthy of Ironic, a beautiful instrumental that is very good at making me emotional, and a fantastic laid-back chorus that felt entirely perfect for ending the year of 2013. Why it wasn’t at least a megasmash in BJSC I’ll never understand, this is what Swedish pop should look up to all the time. (still incredible in every way)

68. Ecstasy – Exhale
Don’t think I tell you enough, I love hanging out with you
Chart Peak: #2

Just one above is my entry to that final contest of the year. A blissful electropop wave, the band’s name is pretty accurate for this one. I was utterly obsessed almost as soon as I heard it, even though I was a little late to the party and it had been around all year. I have heard comparisons with everyone from CHVRCHES to M83 to Icona Pop (not sure about that last one) but it really does stand on its own as a very big track with few but good lyrics. (as is this one, listened to it so much since this year)

67. Tom Odell – Another Love
And if somebody hurts you, I wanna fight, but my hands been broken, one too many times
Chart Peak: #6

I never really expected to like anything by Tom Odell, all that I was hearing about him pointed to a boring young singer-songwriter with very little original to say. Another Love then was quite the pleasant surprise, the piano, like in We Should Be Through, is used to full effect to build the tension inbetween the vocal sections and what we have from then is a very addictive alternative song that stuck with me for a long while in the early part of the year.

66. Tegan & Sara – I’m Not Your Hero
I was used to seeing no future in my sight line
Chart Peak: #3

What January brought me in terms of something to overplay was the first song that would send me on a love train to Tegan & Sara loonland. Unlike Closer which is still merely okay, I’m Not Your Hero tapped into everything I like about pop-rock, the sometimes ‘epic’ lyrics (but seriously they are amazing here) and some really nice interesting melodies to go along with it. It’s probably one of my most played tracks of the year and it only isn’t higher because something happened later on in the year to slightly eclipse this with an even better T&S track. Still beautiful though.

65. Lana Del Rey vs Cedric Gervais – Summertime Sadness
I know if I go, I’ll die happy tonight
Chart Peak: #4

I wasn’t really expecting any Lana this time around, I was quite prepared to wait for 2014 for new material. While this wasn’t ‘new’, I’m very glad it existed as it helped prolong Lana’s profile VERY well with a lovely remix of one of the best tracks on her album. One of my many summer tunes this year and upping the tempo even a little bit really helped this.

64. Martin Rolinski – In And Out Of Love
My friends tell me I should stop dreaming
Chart Peak: #8

Like with Eurovision, I have a very clear top 2 with Melodifestivalen. But this is just as clear a bronze medal position for me. Wonderfully produced song, and pretty much everything I would normally imagine to be a perfect Melodifestivalen song, the clear winner of that this year.

63. Daft Punk (feat. Pharrell Williams) – Get Lucky
We’ve come too far to give up who we are, so let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars

THE song of the early summer here, and the first song of Daft Punk’s I’ve really loved. It really needs no introduction but this will always scream first year summer term to me from now on, and it’s a pretty amazing song to become a million seller anyway. Pharrell is on much better form on here than he is on Blurred Lines, where in all honesty he’s probably the weak link.

62. Aya Hirano – Super Driver
Chart Peak: #4

Probably the oldest song in here, obviously that doesn”t really matter too much. I loved this from the first time I heard it, for an anime theme tune it’s actually a superbly constructed and sonically pleasing pop-rock song, and now I’ve become a fan of Haruhi Suzumiya over and beyond that original love, it holds quite a lot of extra meaning + increased quality for me. I honestly can’t thank Umi enough for introducing me to it, it formed a gateway for me into an entirely new genre of TV (as I’d barely watched any anime before) as well as a great show. So much love for it. (this was my GATEWAY song to anime, if you want to know where my anime obsession started, it pretty much started with me loving this song and seeking out Haruhi at the end of this year (and then I spent over a year in the wilderness without watching any more despite loving Haruhi to pieces, but there you go), this is probably among my favourite songs of all time, never mind my favourite anime song)

61. Rihanna – What Now
Whatever it is, it feels like it’s laughing at me through the glass of a two-sided mirror
Chart Peak: #3

One of my original favourite tracks on Unapologetic I was really quite happy when this was chosen as a single, it allowed me to have a huge amount of love for the delicate midtempo that represents the best of that album pretty damn well. The video is one of her best in ages and in a year when my favourite artist wasn’t particularly that active it gave me something to love by her in the interim between Stay and The Monster.


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