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Court Ruling on Article 50


I mean, I created this blog to have fun. I don’t even know why I’m doing this. It’d probably get me into trouble more than anything, no matter what side I take. Lately the best thing to do about that event described by that most awful of portmanteaus (so awful I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out if I could get away without mentioning the name at all during this post, as such I’m trying to limit the buzzwords I’ve gotten tired of seeing), has been to shut up about it and watch the internet back-draft pile up on sites like Reddit and Facebook. Although part of the nice thing of having a small blog that few people read is that I don’t expect anyone to ever really stir up controversy about what I write, but I’m still wary because it’s going to be here forever and could get some traction on those sites that I’ve mentioned (if this is the case, salutations new visitor and please have a look at some of my other posts, I’m normally more fun than this). The other reason I’m doing this is that I’m going to do a post on the event happening on the other side of the Atlantic on Monday, the day before the voting, so I don’t want one political post to stand alone and in all honesty this post is probably doing nothing more than stating my opinion on the matter. Which is all I want it to.

As idealistic recent ex-student #1379, I, as you might expect, voted to remain in the referendum and it is an opinion and belief that I hold to this day and will not stop fighting for, no matter what anyone says. The Eurosceptics never shut up in the good old days, I will likewise not be silenced. Largely because I really valued my citizenship of the EU, I valued being able to call myself a citizen of Europe with the ability to freely live and work in a large number of highly developed countries. When I lose it, I will do my utmost to get it back. Additionally, I had been considering a future career path that would lead me into a job related to the Union, and this vote set me back on that. And because of that, my opinion is not one with few facts to back it up, I have academic knowledge of how the European Union works structurally (something that there was major confusion about throughout the referendum) through my studies at university. Without meaning to brag, that probably puts me in the top 10% of people in this country with an understanding of the Union. And risking and likely destroying the huge economic base this country had in the world’s markets was absolutely not worth it to avoid some minor laws that the EU Parliament had enforced upon us, neither was it worth it to stop sending money to less fortunate EU countries – that’s how unions work and it’s how the human race as a whole gets stronger, which is preferable to some uppity isle thinking it can go it alone. But all this has been said numerous times, I’m not looking to shed any new light on that, I doubt I could. And to try and appease people who voted the other way, I must say, I do admittedly resent the vote that caused all of this… in a collective sense and a ‘I dislike David Cameron for bringing this upon us in the first place’ sense. But I do not resent and instead respect individuals who voted the other way for their own well-thought out reasons. There has been far too much shit-slinging from both sides on this thing and that hostility has just made the aftermath worse. I do not intend to be hostile. Just do not expect me to say anything like ‘the vote’s done now, it had better pass through because of democracy’.

Because I vehemently disagree there, because I care about the future of this country, democracy does not work like that, a vote is never final, particularly on this scale, plus there’s the whole ‘huge constitutional change dependent on a 2% swing’ that I can’t believe many hundreds of people didn’t think to fix beforehand to a supra-majority (i.e. 60% or more) needed to put the issue to rest. And that’s the crux of what’s going on at the moment, Parliament is going to have to vote, it has been ruled, on whether to accept the result of the referendum (assuming May doesn’t get to bypass that). And part of me hopes that MPs, even though it would anger many of their constituents, vote against pressing the button. The alternatives, either years of financial turmoil or something that was basically the same as before but without voting rights on influencing the EU’s direction (if we’re lucky), are not attractive and MPs should put what is best for their constituents ahead of what was basically a very close opinion poll. I only say this because it fits my interests best out of the options available, I sense that EU-lite ‘exits’ would not appease Leave voters any better way and we lose our votes, so that’s no better, but the aftermath in this scenario isn’t a perfect solution either, it’ll fuel UKIP support for the next general election, which may be very soon regardless of what happens. Additionally it will probably permanently make a large group of people even more apathetic with politics, which is something I don’t want to happen in the slightest, I would prefer to live in a nation with a huge turnout voting record and where everyone weighs up what they vote for in a calm and rational manner. Indeed, I hope that there is a final solution presented to us that we can then vote on again. But there is probably now no solution that will get us out of this crisis, economically, or restoring our harmony as a nation soon and it is saddening and embarrassing to see my country destroy itself like this.

tl;dr, I hope for the best outcome that won’t destroy too many livelihoods, enabling us all to get back to things that are far more fun. I stand by my views and will fight for them, but I don’t want to appear superior or belittle others.

(apropos of nothing, I’m posting this on the same day that I get my masters degree results, where I have passed with merit, am really not superior I swear)


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