Opinion Pieces

All Hillary’s Eve

I am not from the United States. I live in a less civilised and less fortunate country, one that has been ravaged by its own disastrous political process lately and even I wouldn’t want to be in America right now, having to face the possibility of a Trump presidency. Granted, at this point it looks like quite a long shot but we have learned to never rule out the crazy side of politics showing its face over the last couple of years.

Again, I’m not from the United States, but even though I am interested in politics and have been following the farce for the past year, this has felt like the longest election cycle I can remember, it was certainly never this circus-like and filled with cries of doomsday proponents should someone’s unfavoured candidate ascend to the Oval Office. So I shall be glad to see it over and the next laughable part of American politics starts up. We need new seasons of politics to keep it fresh.

Or as any anime fan would say, 10/10 season so far, hope the final episode doesn’t disappoint like the mid-season finale did (bernie4ever I am not that stereotypical, I liked the guy but, pretty even between him and Hillary as far as my irrelevant British opinion goes), compared to all the crazy bullshit around it, can’t wait for God Emperor Trump to build his wall and watch this world burn.

But I should level with people, I’m completely against Trump and all he stands for, and so if I have any American readers (ha, me having readers?) I’m sure you’ve already made up your minds, it seems like most of the world already has, but I would still urge you to go out and vote against an unabashed racist (via comments on Latinos and Muslims), sexist (via, well, I think we’ve all heard about that video about the pussy, urgh) and potentially very dangerous man getting his hands on the top level of American security, as well as most certainly not giving his supporters what they are all hoping he will, from what I’ve seen, he’s an inconsistent idiot who is concerned about attacking all who disagree with him more than anything else. Any hope that he’ll fulfil promises any more than ‘THE ESTABLISHMENT’ you’re all so hellbent against is a long shot at best. *Trump’s lawyers come and sue a tiny blog based in Britain for some frivolous insult in that paragraph*

I don’t think Hillary Clinton is a perfect president, I’d certainly prefer Obama to be staying in and continuing to guide his country back on the stable path that he has been doing for the last 8 years (seriously, the guy is probably the best political leader of a generation). But Hillary would be a fine president. She may be an establishment candidate who says what she has to in order to get elected, she may have a couple of shady things in her past, but so have numerous other candidates, from both sides of the political spectrum, she’s no worse than the majority of those. And when the main difference is that she has a vagina, that starts to look quite suspect. Not saying you can’t criticise her, but look at the loudmouth dangerous populist she is running against, now is not the time to quibble over whether she is slightly corrupt.

However, that aside, have a good vote America, I hope it’ll be one that won’t negatively affect the rest of the world, and then we can put this all behind us for the next few years. I have made plans to be watching the reveal, and I am predicting Hillz to get just over 300 electoral college votes, losing New Hampshire, North Carolina and Ohio to Trump but winning most of her predicted swing states. Let’s see if I’m right.


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