End Of Year

Backfill: 2014 EOY: Part 2 of 4

I promise much better things in 2014 than before based on just reading this, the gap from 2013 to 2014 is incredible in my writing style, if I do say so myself. As before, bold for albums or songs that should be higher, strikethrough for those that have not held up over time and should be far lower. This is archive writing by myself that I published on Buzzjack and we’re now on 2014, which is I would say the year when I really started to look back at these and think that I had done myself proud in talking about the music that I liked that year. So in all honesty I probably won’t do much editing and putting in extra italic comments (that signifies that’s 2016 me and not 2014 me) unless there is an extra point I want to make.  

Be aware that I have got a line of lyrics from the song after each entry in italics so don’t get that confused with my 2016 comments.

This starts off with the songs, so enjoy some tunes:

200. Kitty Pryde – •.¸.•SECOND♥LIFE•.¸.•
you got me lost in my lucid dreams

199. Adélen – Always On My Mind
i’m kind of jealous and a little bit unlucky in love

198. OneRepublic – Love Runs Out
There’s a maniac out in front of me, got an angel on my shoulder

197. Kero Kero Bonito – Sick Beat (the first of many loves from the awesome KKB)
It’s often said, I should get some girly hobbies instead, but that thought fills me with dread

196. Shift K3y – Touch
I just wanna feel your touch, I never want to give it up

195. We Are The In Crowd – The Best Thing (That Never Happened)
Life’s too short, I can’t fake it anymore

194. Sergej Cetkovic – Moj Svijet

193. Tielsie – Palette
you can get it, get it, get it on

192. Sultan & Ned Shepard – All These Roads (feat. Zella Day & Sam Martin)
We’ll find some place to call home

191. Iggy Azalea – Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) (am serious, I do actually like this, even though they’re normally the sort of artists I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole)
This is the web that you weave

The top 200 starts off with the very interesting Kitty Pryde, a dreamy singer I must thank Ryan for showing us and providing us all with a lovely discovery (for once), it’s very cool and chilled. Following that up is something not cool or chilled, Norwegmanian singer Adélen, whose song is strangely compelling for something that’s obviously so trashy pop, but hey, at least I now know I’m always on her mind. Same to you babe ❤

I’ve always liked OneRepublic to an extent as a bit of a poor man’s Coldplay, there isn’t much to say about Love Runs Out than it’s a decent version of Counting Stars but it was rather nice at least when it was in the chart a few months. Far more unique is Trifoski entry Kero Kero Bonito, whose alluding to retro video games and vaguely Japanese sounds attracted certainly more fans than me but it’s really a bit of a cutey, I can’t help but fall for anything like that. The lyrics are wonderful too, being as they’re basically promoting girl gamers, and that’s something the gaming industry really REALLY needs. Side note: Drone Logic was #202 Seven, so close to having 2 entries in this section.

Touch was a pretty decent UK hit, one of a string of fairly good dance hits, Make It Good from UP had made me notice him and this was a nice culmination of that. Then, right back from the very beginning of the year we come to We Are The In Crowd, a band who are probably deathly annoyed by comparisons to Paramore at this point, with their second single from their latest album. I should be more of a fan of them than I am but this was a great tune to help me enjoy my January.

The first of quite a few Eurovision entries as ever in here is the lovely folksy one from Montenegro, who gladly managed to produce both a big Balkan ballad that also happened to be the most Celtic-sounding entry in the competition this year (I have forgotten Ireland already, that was generic as hell), as such, it could appeal to even me, and it’s quite beautiful. Opposite it sits Palette, a ferocious dance number that I haven’t listened to as much as many in this EOY but every time I do it reminds me exactly how good it is.

The final two entries in this section start off with the final BJSC entry in a section heavy with them, the Avicii-‘inspired’ anthem All These Roads, that I do count as better than the number 1 Sam Martin actually featured on, time will tell if it’s better than Dangerous but I still haven’t fully gotten into that, so that may be one for 2015, it’s very good even if derivative. Finally, Black Widow. Fair warning, this is the only Iggy Azalea song that has made it this far, I thought a song with these two women on would be nothing short of terrible but Rita’s done decently enough this year, and for a few weeks I was really into the sort of thing I would rarely admit to liking nowadays. I like it though, have this bone Iggy Azalea fans, it’s a little bit of a tune.


190. Ellie Goulding – Goodness Gracious
I keep calling your name

189. tricot – Ochansensen-su

188. Deja – Heart
Take a risk and fight someone

187. Amberian Dawn – Magic Forest (look away if you’re from Buzzjack right now)
Run for your life, she’s getting closer

186. Tinashe – 2 On (feat. Schoolboy Q)
I be stuntin’ like my clique, getting faded ’til we trip

185. Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne – Real Love (this is really boring, I want to think I only put it in because of that Rarity joke I made below)
Oh, before you I was searching for a rarity

184. Robin – Parasta Just Nyt (feat. Nikka Ankara)

183. Lethal Bizzle – RariWorkOut (feat. JME & Tempa T) (yes, a bold for Lethal Bizzle, I actually love this much more than just the Rarity joke, it’s incredulous)

182. Janet Leon – Hollow
Losing you is breaking me

181. Momofoko – We Know
We run those dreams are pretentious, it’s cynical… but we know

Goodness Gracious was a bit of a holdover from the great 2013 Ellie Goulding had, yet as a single in the first part of this year it stuck with me quite a bit, especially during the first part of the year, thanks to the clever little things the synths do, another great song from reliable ol’ Ellie. Also from very early in the year, as a 2013 song actually; it never made it to my chart then, is my entry into Unknown Pleasures that was going on at about this time last year – a very good song from J-math-rock band tricot. The girls’ voices on this are lovely and breathy, but the heavy rhythmic beats make this stand out. See, Babymetal aren’t all I know about from the J-rock scene. (I’ve seen tricot live since and they’re awesome <3)

Also from UP is one of my favourite discoveries from there this year, it’s a little older than that I know but We Know it doesn’t really matter what year this is in, it’s great either way (momofokos). funky.gif Erm yeah, wonderful song and I must thank Seven for sending this one along.

Heart and Parasta Just Nyt are the only BJSC songs in this set, but both were cool quirky discoveries from late on in the year, Heart appealed to my indie and (rarely shown) subtle side with the quiet but powerful vocals strumming through the track, the maxim of the chorus pulsating being one of the few times I can really forgive a track for being repetitive. Parasta Just Nyt is very different, being a bit trashy, but it’s Finnish, and that’s all that matters. It’s also very energetic and that also helped a lot.

Yeah, we all know I have a bit of a Finnish love, yes, and I also have a bit of a symphonic metal love. Both of these are what Magic Forest is all about, being from one of the minor bands on the scene, Amberian Dawn, who had this as the lead single to their album of the same name. I haven’t checked out that album unfortunately but the lead single tells a cool, slightly creepy story while relying mainly on operatic vocals rather than any power metal tricks. It’s probably one of the truest songs to symphonia that I’ve heard this year.

On a rare urban tint for me, Tinashe I have enjoyed more than most female singers in her particular area, 2 On was rather impressive as a song to head towards the mainstream, but I haven’t heard anything further from her this year (and nothing is still quite as good as Come When I Call), yet I hear from Bal (and others) that I’m missing out. Maybe I’ll have to check that out soon because this is very swaggy.
Less credible is RariWorkOut. True story, when I first saw ‘rari’ in the title of this record, I did not think Ferrari, I thought ‘Rarity’. As in the character from MLP (best pony). I’ll let you decide what that says about my priorities in life. Anyway, the ridiculous of it (dench instructor) when I actually listened endeared me to it, very funny song.

Finally, a low entry for Clean Bandit’s deluxe single, which I like but feels just a little bit plain for what I know the group is capable of, and an entry for Janet Leon’s Hollow from Melodifestivalen, which is ridiculously good in studio form (and possibly better than Heartstrings for me now), just a shame about the live performance.

180. Twin Twin – Moustache
Je veux ci, je veux ça

179. Teddybears – Sunshine
me go burn you up with your love

178. Deltron 3030 – Look Across The Sky (feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead)
I was a spy that fly on the wall that no one ever seems to recognize

177. 5 Seconds Of Summer – Don’t Stop (I’m owning this, it’s still fun)
Every time you walk in the room, you got all eyes on you

176. Foxes – Holding Onto Heaven
Lights fade but I won’t let them

175. Shakira – Empire
Like the empires of the world unite

174. Dreamshow – 16 (oh my god this beauty, I think 2014 was actually incredible for my taste, I have come across very few I don’t accept so far)
I had a dream last night, but it wasn’t you

173. King 810 – Write About Us 
And they all said, if you ever make it out write down what you’ve seen, so we all live forever and we’re finally free

172. KNDR – You Can’t See The World In Silence (feat. Adam Lyons)
Now I walk down this long dark road

171. HA:TFELT – Ain’t Nobody

The next Eurovision entry up is the zany French entry, Moustache. I’ve been enjoying France’s entries of late, despite their obviously apathetic stance they’ve sent some interesting entries I know we wouldn’t see from any country trying to win. Moustache I thought might do better, it’s catchy and gimmicky but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Remains one of my highlights though.

Teddybears is a band I were not familiar with until their entry into BJSC but Sunshine instantly caught my attention with the strange melding of indie-rock and Caribbean-style rapping they enforce on this track, one of the more unique songs of this year.

Look Across The Sky, a song from the Deltron 3030 project, spearheaded by Del, him off Clint Eastwood, is from the Event II album released last year. The title and featured vocalist (ever since Scott Pilgrim, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been very much on my radar wub.gif (yes, we see the return of liking singers I fancy, I apologise profusely)) caught my attention and I had a listen, and fell in love. The lyrics are very geeky, and the chorus a true joy to listen to. I very nearly sent it to BJSC several times this year but it might be too late for that now, plus I think it would flop on its arse sadly. Take a listen anyway if you want, it’s good.

The first of my 10 ACTUAL BJSC entries is up a few above that, KNDR, the latest victim of my August curse, I always send my least favourite entries of the year in that month and they never qualify (I don’t mean to do this!), I thought it would do a whole lot better but I’ve found it hard to listen to ever since it failed, despite me spending several nights jamming to it before I sent it, it’s a lovely track if a bit sub-M83, but then that’s why I originally fell in love with it. I don’t expect to hear much more from this guy but he’s provided this for me so that’s good enough.

5 Seconds Of Summer have been my big guilty pleasure this year, more on that later, but Don’t Stop is a fun whirlwind of a track that indeed does not ever stop, and I really can’t deny it given my love for pop-rock, they just need to stick to upbeat singles because that’s how their tracks work. The mainstream trio in the middle of this section is completed by a cool Foxes ballad and Shakira’s Empire, both tracks I wanted to love a bit more than I did in the end but competent efforts from both parties. Shakira’s voice still makes me think of football.

HA:TFELT I was originally obsessed by, and I was a major factor in making Yu send it, so it’s probably ended up a bit low but eventually it’s status as a lesser Asian Shatter Me began to show, I do still love the crashing instrumentals throughout this, one of the better K-Pop tracks of the year, it hasn’t been quite the best year for the genre unfortunately.

Finally, two rock tracks to close off the section. Dreamshow was another UP entry of mine, it instantly hit me as something to send over there and it got quite a bit of love over there, an excellent pop-punk track all round. I hope they have better places to go, they are a supergroup from what I read (one guy from TV On The Radio, Constantine V, some other people) so they may not have a long shelf life but between this and Chasing Control they have a lot of potential. King 810’s is a completely different proposition though. Like a menacing, slower, dark version of The Offspring’s The Kids Aren’t Alright (absolutely love that comparison because it’s exactly what you should expect with both track’s biographical coverage of a group of friends), it shows up this very metal band in a very artistic light and it was a discovery that I was very pleased to make from BJSC.

170. Jennifer Davies – Lapse Of Time (Njie Remix)
Fast forward in a blink of an eye, forget the night passes by

169. Shakira – Can’t Remember To Forget You (feat. Rihanna)
I go back again, fall off the train

168. The Pretty Reckless – Going To Hell
The devil’s in me father, he’s inside of everything I do

167. Years & Years – Take Shelter
Do what you want tonight, it’s alright

166. Softengine – Something Better
All these words, will never never never change

165. Ella Henderson – Ghost
I had to go through hell to prove I’m not insane

164. Ingrid Michaelson – Girls Chase Boys
All the broken hearts in the world still beat

163. Helene Fischer – Atemlos Durch Die Nacht (the first foreign language song where I really recognised that I could understand a good part of it, as I have a bit of ability in German, so it’s special for me that way)
Atemlos, schwindelfrei, großes Kino für uns zwei

162. Lacuna Coil – Nothing Stands In Our Way
We fear nothing, we fear nothing

161. Zhala – Prophet
Solid people, solid sound, I have time to love you now

What a triumph Lapse Of Time is, urgent and laid-back all in one, a highlight of its contest and a great pop song outside it, I will get a lot out of this in the future. Can’t Remember To Forget You was a tiny bit of a let-down from two great pop women after lots of listens but I enjoyed it at first, and it still sounds rather good now, if not Shakira’s best ever or anywhere close. (sounds like Lapse of Time should be higher actually, it is rather good even now)

Ghost was a very nice song to have come from someone off of X Factor and I really did enjoy it a lot at first, alas overplay has ruined it quite a bit for me and it’s ended up lower than where I thought it might have been earlier in the year. Years & Years have been mostly off my radar this year although I did see them with Clean Bandit and that has made me interested in at least some of their solo singles, the best of these being Take Shelter, one of the main songs I ended up looking forward to seeing when they performed.

I’ve always been a fan of The Pretty Reckless and last year’s Follow Me Down ended up very high in my EOY chart. Going To Hell is a little bit more creepy with the subject matter, and it’s actually getting very nihilistic over there (r u ok Taylor M?) but it’s still a very good rock track, loved this at the beginning of the year.

Finland have always been a favourite country in Eurovision for obvious reasons, particularly because of their penchant for sending guitars, yet I wasn’t so enthused with Softengine at first. Probably because I would have preferred it had they been called Hardengine. It felt quite watered down and I never really took to it until I saw it live, which changed everything, it came across as really compelling and was a real highlight of my Eurovision night. And they got Finland a very decent result! So all was good.

Ingrid Michaelson created a wonderful pop tune in Girls Chase Boys, that coupled with parody/homage video to Robert Palmer, is pretty fantastic and something I’ll never skip if it comes up. From the same contest in BJSC, Helene Fischer caught my attention with Atemlos Durch Die Nacht, and half the reason it did that was that, very unusually for a foreign language tune, with my rudimentary knowledge of German, I could actually work out what the song was about, I’m not used to that experience. It’s also one hell of a schlager banger so that’s also a reason for liking it.

Lacuna Coil are a band I really need to sort out in terms of loving, they should be my sort of thing, when I bought a Nightwish album in HMV recently for a gift/forcing them on people I know the clerk was impressed and asked me if I was a fan of these guys, I had to say that I liked a few songs but I didn’t know them properly (well, that was the gist, this was in the middle of a Christmas rush so it was a short conversation). Anyway, anecdote aside, this is the first song of theirs to make it into an EOY chart of mine, and it is a pretty fantastic gothic metal song. This is always good for me eventually getting into more.

Finally, Zhala joined Robyn’s label, and created a great followup to the wonderful Slippin Around in Prophet. I can barely understand what she’s saying here but the sounds that she’s making are cool, I like her.

160. Taylor Swift – Blank Space
Got a long-list of ex-lovers (written on a Starbucks cup)

159. The Rocket Summer – So Much Love
Strike all the bells, hit ’em hard make ’em all yell

158. Tokyo Police Club – Argentina (Parts I, II & III)
When you smile you smile with all your teeth at once

157. Lindsey Stirling – Beyond The Veil

156. Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat
And the shivers move down my shoulder blades in double time

155. Route 94 – My Love (feat. Jess Glynne) (it’s a bit basic isn’t it, goodbye Jess Glynne, you really were a bit awful aside from Rather Be)
Up above, made with the warmth of my love

154. Rita Ora – I Will Never Let You Down (like with Black Widow this is surprisingly good, ssh)
Your body’s frozen and you lost your soul

153. Timeflies – Monsters (feat. Katie Sky)
When I see your monsters I’ll stand there so brave, and chase them all away

152. Ulla Nova – Kid From London
seems you have expensive taste, can’t you see I drink champagne

151. Icona Pop – All Night (I absolutely LOATHED I Love It yet this beautiful tune should really be quite a bit higher, it’s so fun)
We can smash the club, make the pop go rock

I start this section off with T-Swizzle. Unforunately I haven’t been as huge a fan of her new stuff as I have been before, it’s suddenly gone too pop and I’m not sure how to react. It’s still nice, and it’s all growing but it’s less good than what came before. Therefore Shake It Off narrowly missed out on my top 200 and Blank Space has just swooped in at the last minute to save Taylor from not being here at all (it’s one of her best ones of recent times and definitely the best off 1989, which I did get eventually and well, Shake It Off is awful and so is Style but some of the cooler tracks like Wildest Dreams and Out Of The Woods are enjoyable, this is going to be covered in 2015 isn’t it). Maybe I’ll get 1989 one day. Also very new is Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat a couple of places above, but as a contrast I’ve been coming round to Lorde more and more this year and this another great track from the Hunger Games, which is where a couple of years ago I first started to love Taylor. Something of a yin-yang there, idk?

There are two rock tracks next, hurrah, both from BJSC. The Rocket Summer’s So Much Love to a couple of listens to get used to, with those vocals, but as I can look past not-perfect vocals very often, I loved it from then on, very underrated little song. Argentina was a big surprise, a three-part 8 minute song from an indie-rock band isn’t the first thing you’d fall in love with if you weren’t a fan of that band but there’s a lot to love. There’s a sense of it building to something throughout and it does eventually pay off, that’s how Nightwish’s best, behemoth-sized tracks work for me and it’s the same here.

The first appearance from my muse (THIS IS HER YEAR), Lindsey Stirling, in the singles chart comes from her first single from Shatter Me. I missed this in the first part of the year and only went back to it once I’d been converted to super-fan with her later singles but it’s a very great part of the album nevertheless.

My Love has always been a bit of an outside favourite this year, it seems a very cool track to have on at a party and I like it for that but there’s not a lot to it otherwise, very much a feeling of ‘My First Deep House Hit’ about it. Not that’s an entirely bad thing. Also an outside favourite has been the surprise of I Will Never Let You Down, the surprise being that it was actually quite a good track. I like the sentiment too, as long as it refers to relationships and not music as I’m not sure Rita could keep that promise with music… oh.

Katie Sky is always brilliant and combined with cool new pop band Timeflies she’s made a song firmly cast in the Love The Way You Lie/Read All About It/any Devlin track mold, so it’s not amazingly unique but her voice really works nicely on the chorus and it’s adorable seeing her post on Facebook about it so I can’t help but love the music.

Ulla Nova’s lovely song about London encaptured me for quite a bit in the middle of the year, it is very nicely catchy. Finally I have let All Night in here as throughout this year, largely due to nightcoring it at first for reasons, I began to see just how good a pop track it actually was, in contrast to I Love It. Ever since then I have been dearly wishing they would switch places.

150. A.G Cook – Beautiful
Baby when I look at you I know that we’ll be here together

149. Henry Saiz – All The Evil Of This World (I must insist that anyone reading this listens to the haunting and stunning music here)
Don’t you see it won’t last forever, what’s the sign you’re waiting for, you and I will face together all of the evil of this world

148. Hozier – Take Me To Church (the second of three entries over three years)
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

147. Calvin Harris & Alesso – Under Control (feat. Hurts)
’cause freedom is a lonely road

146. Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong
Am I tripping for having a vision?

145. Bitter Ruin – Love Gone Left
But what about this war they’re coming for?

144. Mr Probz – Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)
slowly drifting

143. MisterWives – Reflections
Put me on the shelf; discipline myself to let the sparks die out

142. David Guetta – Bad (feat. Showtek & Vassy)
Cause if it’s struggle that you’re looking for, oh baby, here I am

141. Kasabian – bumblebeee
I’m caught up in love, and I’m in ecstasy

This section starts off with an Air-rock double, muchas congrats to ketalina, who really stepped up his game in my opinion this year to produce a couple of really great entries. Beautiful was a very nice and catchy winner but I’ve come to love All The Evil Of This World just that little bit more, it’s pretty-much chill central with the voice perfectly matching the song’s subject matter. (Where do you find these (each time I listen to Henry Saiz I am inspired to find more songs like it but I have no idea where to look))

Hozier reached #144 in my EOY last year, so as I’ve allowed it in this year as well due to success and re-loving for myself, reaching just a little bit lower this year is nothing to be ashamed of, if it had only been in one EOY it would have a much higher position in that one. One of the main songs that I’ve had in two EOYs before is M83’s Midnight City, neither particularly high, and it is now one of my favourite songs ever. It’s all about the time for which they impact you really. Beautiful, addictive song anyway.

There are two songs from what were the big two dance producers, increasingly more challenged over the years. I love Hurts so Calvin Harris’ Under Control is one of his better ones all told (although I had completely forgotten it featured Alesso until just now), while Bad is my sole highlight from Guetta this year (with a late nod to Dangerous, might put that in 2015 now), purely because it’s quirky, trashy, and not formulaic in the slightest, which is a crime he’s been guilty of all too often. It’s just a whole load of fun and the fast-paced cartoony video only helped this love grow.

There are a couple of the year’s biggest hits in here too; it took me over a year to come round to Am I Wrong and obviously it was the smash that did it (sorry Adam) but it’s a lovely big hit with no gimmicks and some really pleasant and interesting voices from Nico & Vinz. Again, it took me an age to come round to Waves but hearing more of Robin Schulz’ work later in the year did it, and I find it very nice, a good voice from Mr Probz, some lovely subdued instrumentation and overall a great chilled thing to listen to, as much as I love my upbeat ferocious tracks I can use stuff like this too.

I’ve enjoyed Zechonia’s Bitter Ruin entries before to an extent but not really loved them before Love Gone Left, which is just beautiful all the way through, her voice is fabulous, and it’s a shame it got ignored in its contest as it’s the sort of Zechonia entry I’d expect to actually do well. But then I really liked it so at least someone did. Reflections is another BJSC entry that got grievously ignored, but this one is a lot more upbeat and the voice is different, punchy and feisty. I’d heard a couple of MisterWives songs before this and they didn’t really impress me so to an extent it was nice to see they could produce something I could really get behind.

Finally one entry for Kasabian. They have three in here and bumblebeee (top marks on ‘quirky’ title) is the lowest. Unfortunately I find it just a bit too similar to Eez-Eh but inferior and Radio 1 wouldn’t stop playing it at one point when I was listening to it regularly during the summer. It does take my breath away though, lovely rock track, just I find the other two Kasabian tracks further up a lot better.

140. Haim – If I Could Change Your Mind
Forgive my lying eyes

139. Deap Vally – Baby I Call Hell
cause’ what you call love baby I call hell.

138. Ariana Grande – Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea)
It’s Iggy Iggs! It’s Izzy Iz

137. Aarzemnieki – Cake To Bake
I talked to a unicorn the other night, took me up on a lonely star, did the moonwalk on the milky way, realized I’ve gone too far

136. New World Sound & Thomas Newsom – Flute

135. School Of Seven Bells – I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up)
sitting in a hospital bed

134. SOHN – Artifice
But the faces are all the same

133. Ed Sheeran – Don’t
I’d rather put on a film with you and sit on the couch

132. Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth
Well I’ve bled words onto a page for you, and you never knew my name

131. Aynur Aydin – Life Goes On
your life is what you make it

If I Could Change Your Mind is lovely, as are Haim. Seeing them perform at Glastonbury (from the safety of my living-room) was one of the best things I saw from that festival, only really topped by Kasabian, and this single, the last major one from Days Are Gone hung around for quite a while in my affections. From a vaguely similar California group, in that they still have female rockers, are psychedelic duo Deap Vally, who I entered into BJFestivalen to the pleasure of almost no-one with the fiery Baby I Call Hell (which is a very well-regarded track outside these sorts of dance-pop loving circles thank you). It’s a couple of years old but I was obsessed for quite a bit and those guitar chords are very very amazing. Stuff like that is why I love rock.

Problem is a bit of pop fun, I shouldn’t really like it but Ariana’s voice appeals to me quite nicely and it’s quite interesting for a hit that big with the brass throughout.

Cake To Bake is iconic and should have done far better in Eurovision, there’s something really nice about the whole package, and this from a nation who have every reason to be bitter at Eurovision. A very knowing underdog entry, it didn’t win but it provided me with endless enjoyment throughout the Eurovision season.

What applies to Tsunami also applies to Flute, I far prefer it as a (mostly) instrumental, and while trashy it is actually quite enjoyable, not quite as much as Tsunami but it does come close.

The final School Of Seven Bells song would have passed me by if not for Grebo entering it and I’m glad he did, a lovely wistful long track to ponder over and as a final work, it’s a great send-off (great cover as well). I didn’t know them as a group that well but this is really something very lovely.

Another song that is a simple joy to listen to is Artifice, possibly the best thing I’ve heard from SOHN yet, and I loved Oscillate. There’s something so brilliant about the way the bridge descends into the chorus and the sounds… omg yes, very well deserved winner.

Don’t proved Sheeran really has an obsession with that damn couch of his (as well as with Ellie Goulding but that’s none of my business), but I really do like upbeat Ed Sheeran and this is a worthy sequel to You Need Me, proving with this that he’s still by far the most versatile male popstar (of his ilk anyway, he blows Ezra and Smith away).

I am a small-time loon for Kyla La Grange, (as if anyone who’s ever seen her name mentioned on this forum didn’t know), and Cut Your Teeth was a great comeback single. There’s more to come from her further up but I really liked this slight change of direction for her (and the Kygo remix is pretty decent as well (and just kept growing on me such that it’s all I listen to now)). Be big one day PLEASE.

Finally, Life Goes On, another entry from BJSC, but quite a sad one as it’s pretty much Caerfyrddia’s farewell entry, and so them at the same time (I’m going to do a BJSC countdown but I will skim past all the lower ones so I get to say things like this here). It’s pretty fabulous (and I’ve used that word way too much already but it’s appropriate here) pop. I feel emotion from it while the song is rushing past at full speed, that’s a bit of a rare feat.

130. The Magician – Sunlight (feat. Years & Years)
It fills me up, and it starts to shine

129. Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Analyze my demise, I say I’m super anxious

128. Danny L Harle – Broken Flowers
Time stands still around me

127. Babymetal – Head Bangya!!
Bam bam badai

126. Steve Aoki, Afrojack & Bonnie McKee – Afroki

125. Tei Shi – Bassically
Baby let me stay, when the world is gone

124. Milky Chance – Stolen Dance
Stoned in paradise, shouldn’t talk about it

123. Firelight – Coming Home
If your sky will fall, I’ll shelter you from the rain, there’s not a cloud in the sky that can come in the way

122. Kristen Bell – Do You Want To Build A Snowman (yes, yes, all of the yeses)
They say ‘have courage’ and I’m trying to, I’m right out here for you, just let me in

121. Nils Noa – Fade Away (feat. Vinni)
and into the atmosphere I start to fade away, my fingers are scratching the mirror with razorblades

Sunlight was a song that I only half loved until seeing it live (and that was only a couple of minutes of it) from then, over the last two months in the depths of winter it’s been giving me a lot of summery vibes, can’t wait to hear it in the sun when that next actually comes around. Never Catch Me I listened to with no expectations, and as a result of this and one other song further up I’m starting to appreciate Kendrick’s presence a bit now I’ve actually listened to some of his material (unfortunately not so much his solo material yet). He’s a good sight better than a lot of rappers and Never Catch Me is a very trippy kewl track.

Broken Flowers is well, pretty amazing. ‘Flying away for hours’ always gets me, the way that line is delivered evokes so much feeling into what is just a few lines repeated over and over. They get more poignant each time though.

From the sublime to the ridiculous as the one and only amazing trio of Japanese girls have their first of three entries in my singles chart, and almost certainly the least well known. Head Bangya!! is pretty much exactly as described on the title, you bang your head to it and that feels amazing. If you liked Megitsune you’d probably like this too, it’s pretty similar.

First prize for subverting my expectations must go to Afroki. Steve Aoki is someone I’ve never particularly enjoyed, Afrojack has gotten worse and worse ever since Take Over Control and Bonnie McKee well, she made American Girl. Therefore I never expected Afroki to be quite the tune it is but ever since hearing it it has just grown and grown on me. That dance backing is seriously very epic and Bonnie’s vocals are very well-placed here, it is the most addictive thing that I know I shouldn’t like in the slightest but absolutely do. It may well even grow above 126th in my EOY as we go on.

My entry from the same contest as Afroki is next up, and yes, Tei Shi only comes 9th out of my own entries (that’s because they’re all so good). I do still love it a lot, the screams I originally fell in love with it for are just as good, I do kinda spend the other part of the song just waiting and waiting for them though. I also cannot get Banks’ ‘Fall Over’ out of my head when listening to this, and that is probably better. That does not mean I regret it in the slightest, listening to those screams now is what makes it all worthwhile.

Anyway, on from that, and on to a another hit, the very nice ‘obviously European’ hit Stolen Dance. Something about its vibe makes it feel like that. Also because of its limited chart performance in the UK. Probably. It was a song I thought sounded like a hit from the first time I heard it back in November last year and so to see it attain some of that was very pleasing. Yay more chances for me to be a hipster.

Malta’s tribute to Mumford & Sons took a long long time for me to see it as anything other than a weak tribute, but eventually I did really come round to it, and it was one of the songs I was rooting for on the night. The same happened last year with Tomorrow, Malta eventually present their entries with such charm that they must be loved in the end. It probably helped that I do like Mumfords probably a bit more consistently than Train.

My highest UP entry, a Norwegian trancey ballad called Fade Away, was aptly sent at a time I was getting a little bit bored with UP and so even skipped the next contest. I loved this though, a little discovery I’d made at the very end of 2013. Like Bassically the best things about it are the warbles that are vocals but aren’t really saying anything at the end. If you like any sort of dreamy music and have not heard this, I would recommend.

Oh yeah, and I included Do You Want To Build A Snowman. I am quite serious. It’s incredibly charming. I still haven’t seen Frozen but I do know the plot to an extent so I sort of understand the meaning behind it (I am going to see it as soon as I can so hopefully I’ll soon understand the full meaning, but the way it turns from happy to sad is very chill-inducing at the moment). Movie songs can easily hit me very well.

And that’s 200-120. Bit of a low-effort post from me but I don’t think there’s much to say other than read my thoughts and find some forgotten gems. 

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