Opinion Pieces

2016’s Twilight Hour

So here we come to the end of 2016, and the end of three months for this blog where I, somehow, have been putting out one lengthy post (albeit not all original) each day to set this blog up as a posting powerhouse. It’s also led me to exactly 100 posts. I can do that because I love talking about what I’m going on about so I’m easily able to write reams and reams. Although not in this post because as is probably natural on New Year’s Eve, I’m a little more pushed for time.

While a lot of people have had what seems to be a bad year, I’ve had mostly the opposite. I’ve fallen in love with anime (that’s definitely a good thing don’t believe what you read), and I’ve completed a masters degree in my real life, and I’ve started this blog in my online life. I don’t often talk about personal stuff on here but it seems to have been pretty good for me. And only a few celebrities have died that I really am upset over. David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, there’s those, and I’m sure there’s a couple I am forgetting but point is, I haven’t been freaking out that much. Now if Patrick Stewart ever goes, then you’ll have me wearing black.

So why when I say this it’s not going to mean I’m going to stop posting something every day. I’m just going to not beat myself up if I miss a day from now on. I still have so many things I want to put out, I probably won’t miss many but this is a free pass for me to take a day if I want to now I’ve done these first three months with no misses.

I’ll let you know what my immediate plans are, I’m going to continue History Of A Nation, I’m going to write about anime a lot, I’m already planning my first forays into Izetta: The Last Witch and I should probably do a summary on Toradora. But then the latter will be included in my Anime of 2016 post which will start from tomorrow. In 2016.

Otherwise, it’s been a great first year of seeing stars, and I, Izzy, will see you all in 2017.


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