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RWBY: Punished (Review)

A little later than I am normally with RWBY reviews, but I had a lot of posts scheduled over Christmas and the New Year so I’ve only just gotten around to watching the episode itself. But it was worth the wait to watch Punished, a great return for the series after a break of a couple of weeks from it.

The first part gives the most interesting interactions between Oscar the farm boy and Ozpin we’ve had yet, Oscar is clearly not happy about the voice in his head and yet what Ozpin said was very interesting, that he’s combined their souls into one so they both have the same memories. When Oscar breaks out of his farm life (that seems to be mostly normal other than a former headmaster of Beacon in his head) as one will assume will happen, will he then get all of Ozpin’s powers? There’s a lot of theories as to what will be going on there but right now it’s mostly a waiting game to see what will come of it. Also, if I were his mother, I’d have yelled at him far sooner and interrupted his mind struggles because damn, if she’s already at the stage where she doesn’t tell him what’s for dinner she’s not waiting for 4 minutes of him not appearing. I also wasn’t a fan of the opening dialogue, it felt a bit forced for an average conversation but that’s a minor quibble.

The internal politics of the Schnee family were my favourite part of this episode. Weiss’ part of any episode is normally my favourite part of an episode but here we see Jacques laying down the law on her. To which of course I say, get into Huntress mode and don’t let anyone tell you what to do, Weiss, especially don’t let him slap you, I was filled with a seething rage at that bit. We learn, I don’t think this had been mentioned before, that he married into the Schnee family yet is acting like he runs it. That first makes him even less sympathetic (in that he could have been a Tywin Lannister ‘for the good of the family’ type figure) but also raises points to Weiss’ mother in all this, who is the true head of the family by blood. And shows how significant it is that he’s disinheriting the sisters one after the other, he’s pretty much taken control of the family he married into and is going to drag its legacy through the mud far worse than Weiss ever could with a social outburst here and there. I also knew I was going to hate Whitley, it was impossible not to at some point. I do hope he wasn’t in on this so that there may be hope for him yet though, I’m not that heartless. His way of saying that it’s foolish not to do as Father asks may indicate a bit of development for him beyond being a little shit in that he’s just incredibly scared of doing anything wrong. But for now, he’s a little shit.

Anyway, Weiss is going to rebel and not just do as she’s told and I can’t wait for that bit.

Meanwhile, I had my heart in my mouth throughout Qrow and Tyrian’s fight as I was sure that tragedy was going to strike and Qrow would die after he told the others to get back, Ruby wouldn’t be able to save him and would blame herself for that. Close enough. The injury was well timed so at that specific moment I wasn’t thinking about the possibility of it happening, and we’ve both won a victory by maiming Tyrian’s scorpion abilities and suffered a defeat as Qrow may well just die of poison now. At least he lives for one more episode.  But great fight over this episode and the last for how well it made use of the environment and how serious a fight out in the wild felt in comparison to the tournament fights last season and even previous Grimm fights.


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