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RWBY: A Much-Needed Talk (Review)

A Much-Needed Talk is very much what it sounds like, a conversation-heavy episode, but was it all worthwhile? Everyone in the episode got clued up on all the exposition they needed to have but that was mostly all it was. So a episode linking two parts of the story together, not a whole lot to say, but I’ll try.

I really liked Blake’s part this week. Her earlier decisions to join the White Fang were always clearly the result of a young, headstrong, immature mind and so admitting to her father that she was wrong (which I’m sure she’s known in herself for quite a while) was so rich in character growth it was like she was maturing into an adult before our eyes. The awkwardness up until the reveals and the tears came pouring out was relatable as well. And I shared her father’s rage towards Sun at him interrupting, it was a very nice moment and that clown shattered it.

It was expected that the White Fang wouldn’t stay quiet and I knew they were coming in, so presumably we’ll get a conclusion on the ninja watching Blake and Sun next episode.

Before I move onto the rest of the story, I should say that I absolutely adored the night aesthetic for this episode, in both locations. Both felt like a pleasant summer night, the stars and the broken moon shining down on them, the artificial light contrasting it, the latter being very important within the context of the episode and it all looked so beautiful. Also, it should be fairly obvious that I like stars as a graphical motif. Look at what site you’re on!

Qrow’s story was not the best bit of exposition I’ve seen this show do, he caught RNJR up with the behind-the-scenes details, that’s fine, they will need to know. And the deduction of why Haven is the likely next target is fine. It was when he went into a long explanation about yet another incredibly important myth of this world that I felt it was going overkill. That is the sort of information, intriguing and worldbuilding though it is, that surely the World Of Remnant minisodes are for. It even graphically looked like one of those. All to explain that as well as maidens, there are four very powerful stones at the school and that’s another reason to be worried. Perhaps Salem and future episodes will do something with them but… at the moment, it’s a tacked on idea to the already fleshed out maiden idea such that it seems bloated. That said, I’d be intrigued to know which school ended up with which relic. I call Atlas, the shadiest of the schools, to have ended up with creation. It does make sense given their character so far. Then I’d probably assign choice to Shade, knowledge to Haven and destruction to Beacon… too soon Weiss? It could be in any order and I’ve probably got them wrong but I wouldn’t put it past them trying to subvert it by putting creation and destruction where you wouldn’t think they’d put them.

Qrow’s semblance was the better part of that episode – indicating how he’s always naturally unlucky and puts that on to people around him. Looking back, it makes sense, they’ve telegraphed that well, and it points to a tragic life he’s had – even more so if he doesn’t survive what happened to him at the end of the episode, I don’t think he will.

So, a talky episode, not the best the show has done but some interesting things to think about… but please, no more mythological stories to introduce out of nowhere.


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