Konosuba 2: Give Me Deliverance from this Judicial Injustice! (Review)

I had nothing during the fall season that I was watching as it came out so I didn’t do any of this then but as the winter season starts… how can I miss the opportunity to watch more of Konosuba as it comes out? The first season was excellent, as I’ve said in my anime of the year list, where it reached #10, but a high #4 for 2016 anime, and also didn’t have nearly enough episodes of it. Like so many other people in the anime community, I was very hyped to see it back. So consider this another one to add to my weekly, maybe bi-weekly, reviews of talking about what went right and what I enjoyed, and what could have been better.

And thankfully, as I watched it several months ago, the first episode back was very good at reestablishing what had happened in the last season without feeling like it had a lack of story, because the entire twenty minutes was filled with a new plot that is going to shape up the season into a new load of comedic desperation for Kazuma and company to wallow in.

Making good on my claim that it’s the funniest anime out there, it opens with a freaking Star Wars reel to remind you of what happened, before diving right into the main character getting accused of being a dirty vulgar traitor to the kingdom due to having connections with the Devil King’s army. After a bit of token resistance to the idea of Kazuma going to jail, including that hilarious off-cuff remark from Megumin (best explosion wizard) that I’ve highlighted in my header picture, as soon as the woman in charge of arresting him threatens everyone else even a little bit, their brilliant hilarious sense of self-preservation comes to the fore and no one can help him with character poses that reminded me very much of similar ones from Asterix. As in when someone just whistles and looks up to the sky in profile, everyone was doing that… and I loved it.

I don’t think I could have envisaged anything better than Aqua’s laughable attempts to escape Kazuma from prison, him being completely uninterested, Darkness and Megumin launching a ‘sneaky’ distraction tactic, Aqua’s inability to think plans through, everything came together to not come together fantastically.

The interrogation scene, when Kazuma is forced to admit the truth of everything he’s done since arriving to the world is funny and also a rare introspective moment for him. I don’t know if it’ll come of anything or even if I want it to, but it was funny.

The trial, featuring returns of characters wronged by Kazuma in the past (helpful for me remembering the standalone episodes), featuring background characters pulling forward evidence, and many jokes about the ineptness of Kazuma’s defense (although it was adorable when Aqua and Megumin decided they could celebrate because they’d helped out loads) was pretty good, apparently there was an Ace Attorney reference in there that I don’t get having never watched it – if that’s your thing. Darkness shone by standing up and offering herself in Kazuma’s place to help him atone was very good, revealing her family standing and tying into her character trait of wanting to be dominated. Probably the most I’ve liked Darkness, using her one comedic trait to good plot effect.

It was of course incredibly sad when the mansion was invaded and Aqua’s sake was cruelly taken from her. I feel like sobbing too. And Megumin’s staff. Those bastards will pay, but it will probably take the rest of the season of misfortunes to do it in.

A great return for Konosuba (and actually, it is harder to do reviews of comedies, this is mostly me reminiscing about all the good jokes in there. Funniest anime of the year looks to continue its dominance for a second year very well).


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