Konosuba 2: A Friend For This Crimson Demon Girl (Review)

Someone tell me why there’s only 8 more episodes of this amazingness left. It’s not fair. But yesterday’s episode was incredibly good, largely because it was an episode centred around Megumin. And I have really been missing a good dose of Megumin, I don’t know why but she’s one of those characters where you are hooked on everything she does. Like sugar. Or the delectable addict-ability of explosion magic. I will probably spoil all of the best jokes if you read this before you watch it but I can’t help but talk about them because they are all so good.

Anyway, let’s go on to the episode. The gang are right back at rock bottom but Megumin has brought the perfect thing to cheer them up… a cat. Which is too much of a combination of cuteness for me to handle in the opening shot and already we’re shitting on Aqua so most excellent start. Megumin is so innocent calling the cat a silly name and not realising Darkness has a fetish, it’s bringing me back into the swing of her character.


To restore their belongings they’re doing quests and of course that means we start with the toads. If this show keeps running for seasons and I really hope it does, let’s have the toads be a second episode tradition, they’re something that, as this scene proved, doesn’t get old. There’s also the good part of this situation arising from the pointless escape attempt for Kazuma last week meaning that even small explosions have unexpected unfortunate consequences Megumin. Weirdly as well, I have to admit I found it hilarious how Megumin wanted to stay warm in the toad’s mouth. And of course Aqua got eaten and pleasingly at least one of the party is trying to get better at combat with Kazuma’s snipe skill. Also I’m almost sure they’ve been taking tips from Food Wars with the way the girls burst… out… of the toad’s mouths. God this show is so weird but it knows it and it owns it.

Then Megumin’s rival turns up and I love this bit, not because it’s the rival, but because it starts half an episode of amazing banter between Kazuma and Megumin, calling each other nicknames like Crazy Exploding Girl, debating hypocritical sexism and ending up playing chicken with each other so that they both get to use the bath first. And of course as Megumin is a little younger than Kazuma he gets freaked out when Aqua walks in and ends up being called PedoNEET and Lolimaniac, I just lost it at this entire scene, it’s one of the most memorable the show has done. Ending with the ‘little girl is bullying me’ line.

The last part of the episode, making Yunyun happy, was a bit weaker but still had good moments like the flower walking away from her and the cat playing with Wiz’ boobs, as well as more Megumin. There was so much of her. I could have just done this review as Megumin Megumin Megumin Megumin and it would have conveyed similar feelings because it’s most of what I wanted to say about this episode. She’s funny, cute and adorable and makes every scene of this show so worth it. A great Megumin episode. Megumin.


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