Konosuba 2: A Betrothed for This Noble Daughter!

Konosuba continues to be funny but an episode focused on Darkness, I apologise to her crusaderladyness, can only really go so far. It wasn’t bad, don’t mistake it for that, but it didn’t feel like it tread much new ground.

Even though we had been denied any Darkness for a couple of weeks, it seems her character traits basically remain the same, be a masochism maniac whose big chest is always flapping around the screen, such that I have to check furtively that no one is watching over my shoulder. In fact, I swear they were bigger this episode. And it was onle the whole worse this time because they got wet and/or were barely covered up for half the episode, meaning that I had to make doubly sure no one was watching. And the jokes, the jokes were less funny because of that, seeing as how they were mostly focused on how unsuitable she is for a marriage and how she tries to put off her suitor. The lack of Megumin didn’t help either and honestly the best joke I remember was Aqua dobbing Kazuma and Suitor-kun into be “executed”.

Okay, there was some clever stuff in here. The best part of the episode is Kazuma is being set up as the absolute perfect match for Darkness even as he tries to get rid of her, which is similar to the intense bonding that he received with Megumin and Aqua over the last two episodes so I guess I was expecting an episode like this. I guess I’m just not so much of a Darkness fan as I am of the other two girls, I don’t find her one-note joke as funny as Megumin’s nor do I think she’s as complicated as Aqua despite having a solid life position in this wonderful world. While Megumin raised a huge smile from me by, in her one notable moment this episode, proudly marching off to defend the town from… something, Darkness just made me a bit uncomfortable. And Kazuma should know that Darkness will only rise stronger from defeat if he tries too hard. Like, she would have probably escaped from her husband to do adventuring had the whole thing gone through so that part of the plot felt a bit weak to me.

Still, at least her father and the noble’s son seem to be decent people who aren’t going to set the adventurers back yet again, and they are showing some signs of progress as well as getting that woman from the… Bureau (?) to barge in and shout ‘SATOU KAZUMA’ to be a little bit of a running joke.

A bit of a weak episode (stress) for Konosuba (end stress) in that it wasn’t quite as funny as before, but I just think it’s because of Darkness who I think, compared to the other girls, is either a weaker character or I just don’t like her as much, either’s possible,


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