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Europa Universalis IV: Georgia On My Mind

So I’m back with my latest exploits on Europa Universalis IV to clumsily fill time on my blog to let everyone who cares so much know about my strategies for getting all of the Steam Achievements. Only this time it’s something perhaps a little bit unusual. Georgia On My Mind is an achievement where you must end up owning all 3 Georgias. Georgia the country, Georgia the state and… South Georgia, because that’s also a Georgia that got on to the EU4 map. Only the problem with it is is that it can be done as any nation and so is inevitably one of the 50 achievements you get without meaning to do when you do a world conquest. I want to do a world conquest. But first I wanted to get the achievement the proper way, the way I feel it’s meant to be done. As the nation named after the achievement. Yes, that’s right Sakartvelo, your name came from a pop song. And as far as picking a random nation to get this achievement specifically goes, it has an advantage as you already have 7 of the provinces you need from the start. Just there’s the little problem of being in range of the sphere of the Ottomans. Which made this quite a challenging run.

My first run went to pieces because the much bigger nation of Qara Qonyulu right next door to me saw me as a tasty meal, rivalled me and easily beat me in a war to vassalise me. So I restarted. I needed an ally fast. I of course immediately sent diplomats out to Poland and Muscovy but they weren’t interested in me yet. And the Ottomans. But this time Qara didn’t rival me so I had a few more years of breathing room. Not much, but a bit. I got the nearby nation of Gazimukh to give me some maps (for some reason, Georgia cannot see Iran yet all the Muslim nations around her can) and discovered Persia rising from the corpse of the Timurids. They were receptive to an ally so I took them. I also picked up Circassia, supposedly because of the Orthodox brothers in arms thing. That was a bit of a mistake. I attacked Shirvan, the best route out of poverty and being crushed in the mountains by hordes and had things going well until Circassia called me because the Great Horde was showing up at their door. After a bit of hiding in the mountains and luring enemies onto my capital fort of Kartli where I would strike and hit them with the automatic -2 penalty (this would become a strategy I would use liberally for the entire campaign), I decided I couldn’t beat the Great Horde, got the province of Shirvan off of Shirvan, and sold Circassia down the river (they can go Crimea one all they like I’ve got Georgia on my mind only) to get the Great Horde to leave me alone. Fortunately I had at this point managed to secure an alliance with Poland and Muscovy too, so along with Persia I felt pretty safe to at least survive. Also at one point I managed to successfully support a Bagrationi onto Poland’s throne, getting myself Vasa Or Wettin?

However with Circassia and Trebizond now vassals of the Great Horde and Qara respectively (that is what Qara went for instead of me), and a truce with Shirvan, as well as Candar already getting eaten by the Ottomans, I had no plans for attack that weren’t suicide so I chilled for a few years until the truce with Shirvan came up. Then I attacked Shirvan for their last province. They were allied to Tabarestan and unfortunately, Qara lay between me and him. So it may not have been the most clever move you’ve ever seen, but because Qara had some large Armenian rebels at this point, I took a chance and attacked them for the sole purpose of gaining military access. This was smart. I spent a year or two outmaneuvering and driving Qara stacks into rebels and it got quite hairy at times. Fortunately just as I was about to lose hope, with Qara finally defeating most of the rebels, the Ottomans came to the rescue, forcing Qara’s enthusiasm down to low and letting me peace him out for enforced military access. One of the few times I’ve encountered where that option makes strategic sense. Tabarestan and Shirvan fell quickly and Shirvan had a lot of money. Immediately after peacing, the two province country of Gazimukh did something that goes down in my books as one of the dumbest moves I’ve ever seen an AI do and rivalled me. So I warred him and took his provinces. And I was out of debt and into a strong regional position, I was watching Qara die and the year was only 1465. I took Economic ideas as my first idea as it seemed to make sense to get more money as that was the main thing blocking my path to future expansion. First time I’d ever played with that idea group and I don’t regret it.

Next I fed myself on the remnants of Qara for the mountain fort of Yerevan and the ‘hilarious’ province named Ganja (which turned out to be a great province to develop/bring more people in to sample the delights for not being mountainous and having ‘cotton’ as the trade good), who had been squashed between the Ottomans and Persia as normal. Iraq was guaranteeing him but I just called in Persia. Should have been simple. Unfortunately Persia turned out to be unexpectedly useless and got destroyed by Iraq. But I managed to get those two provinces fine regardless of his help and just watched him die. Should have broken the alliance then and there. Gazimukh had come back like a bad smell as Great Horde had just collapsed into remnants so I took another province off him. I jumped on the dying horde and took a bit of what they had left also. Moving my trade capital to Shirvan, the estuary that Azerbaijan benefits from today turned out wonderfully as Persia was a valuable trade node and I didn’t have much control over Crimea even though this was slightly upstream.

My next plan was Genoa, who I was prepared to sacrifice easy institution spread from because I saw them as my ticket to colonisation. That had been something I’d been considering since the start of the campaign and I figured grabbing an Italian province off of Genoa in a war would be the only way to get the colonial range needed to get out to the other Georgias. Preferably before someone else took them because that would just be really complicated. Unfortunately France was allied to them but I needed my timing right. And I didn’t have access to their provinces. Like with Qara earlier, but much less risky, I started a war with Crimea primarily to forge a province path to Genoa. I then declared war on Genoa and called in the aid of Poland to actually go and defeat them in Europe. Unfortunately two things happened to set me back, the Timurids emerged back and finished off Persia, dragging me into their war, which I skirted around and eventually managed to get out of without any consequences. And Corsica/Albenga were only just out of my coring range so I couldn’t take them. I therefore let Genoa keep Mantrega, took Cafa because of the coastal centre of trade and just waited out the truce on that. By this time I had taken Defensive ideas as this seemed like the natural place to use them what with my base of operations in the mountains between major world powers.

In order to make my name look cool, I took out Circassia which had been annoying me up until now by being allied with Nogai but one war when they couldn’t defend them and the green blot was removed, allowing my name to spread big across my territory. That is the most important thing to judge when playing this game. I also got Queen Of Conquest around this point as I hadn’t got it before when playing Rights Of Man, that’s one of those achievements that will happen eventually so I just let it go. Nogai weren’t much of a challenge either when I did get around to them and I took a few provinces off them as did Muscovy. I then decided to make use of my ‘Income From Vassals’ national idea and released Astrakhan in the north to calm my steppe provinces. They proved to be a decent diversion and steppe feeding machine although it’s not the best vassal placement I’ve ever done. I just kind of wanted to see their cool colour on the map for a bit.

The next war against Genoa took ages as Poland and Muscovy took forever to head in the right direction to properly take out Genoa, who was also allied with Venice and Venice started wrecking me a little because I’d underestimated them. But I got them eventually, I couldn’t take Corsica because it had a fort but Albenga was now Georgian. And colonisation began when I took Exploration ideas as my third option, specifically not choosing other diplomatic idea groups to leave this one open. A province in Brazil was within range, so I took it, and then moved onto the Georgias I wanted. Pretty straightforward really, I took a bit in Canada as well as Georgia and South Georgia of course, had a few native wars, threatened war on Creek to get the last American Georgia province I needed, formed New Georgia and New Kartli, but I had few problems out there so let’s return to the homeland.

Muscovy broke the alliance, because they started desiring my provinces. And then they formed Russia and got a permanent claim on my steppe lands. Which really wasn’t good. But fortunately Commonwealth formed at pretty much an identical time to Russia so I still had one good ally. Persia had reemerged and the Timurids were fracturing again so I took some Timurid land that had popped up near my place, as I did Tabarestan who were also trying to be independent and allied Persia again. But what happened next was the scariest part of the campaign. Russia allied the Ottomans. And declared war on Commonwealth to cleanse their heresy. I knew the Ottomans wanted my land because of course they did so this was not a good war to be in. In the slightest. The two biggest armies in the world against me and the PLC. Yet somehow, I honestly don’t know how, we won. Enough manuevering, picking off vulnerable armies in my mountains, mercing up when needed, Commonwealth being surprisingly sane, some luck with Ottomans getting attacked from another direction, enough to peace them out, we managed to… get Poland some land in Russia. I got a nice pat on the back. A very stressful but rewarding war. For the experience, I got nothing. But I now had Offensive ideas so my troops were a bit better. My final idea was Trade which didn’t factor in much, I just had nothing else I really needed.

Unfortunately, after integrating Astrakhan back into my country, the next war against the Ottomans was not so fun. Persia had rivalled me and the Commonwealth couldn’t help me enough so I lost two provinces that I needed to them. And it was a lot of work getting them back. I had to engineer a war (i.e. a defensive war where they wanted Yerevan and took it unfortunately quickly) where the Commonwealth would focus on getting Constantinople while I did Yakkety Sax maneuvers with Ottoman stacks around Yerevan until help could arrive. Eventually, after killing tons of them outside the gates of Kartli and finally being left in peace enough to siege down Yerevan, I briefly took control of the fort of Trabzon and returned Guria and Samtskhe to my control. I then did that Threaten War thing with Creek to finish off American Georgia and I got what I had been waiting for, Georgia On My Mind. I could continue this for more achievements, I have 75% on Patriarch Authority for that one but I might just save that for the next time I play an Orthodox country, one that has to go to the end of the game as those events seem much rarer the higher up on authority you go. Time to pick a new game. I’ve started a potential Ottoman world conquest but I haven’t got the Star and Crescent flavour DLC so I might save that for another time. This was probably my most fun and difficult game so far though. Enjoy my end of game images of my empire.





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