Konosuba 2: Servitude for This Masked Knight! (Review)

Konosuba seemed a lot more focused on plot this week, which was really good, bringing back a Devil King henchman as a threat and kind of moving the story along, using the dungeon from a couple of episodes ago that initially seemed episodic but ends up part of the arc, and one assumes with this guy defeated, one step closer to the Devil King.

One of the highlights of the first season was the adventurers messing around with the dullahan and him getting really frustrated because they didn’t act like traditional heroes. That line of comedy may get old in time but it has really yet to as we haven’t been treated to it for a while. So while old puppet master Vanir hasn’t lasted as long as Sir Dullahan he gave just as good a run of entertainment with his huge hammy voice. And it also moves the plot along by clearing up the party’s debt and leaving them feeling high and dry and happy for once. I’m sure subsequent episodes will ruin this but it’s great to see them so happy. And there was so much packed into this episode that there wasn’t even an OP or ED which has to be rare for a comedy series.

And most importantly, and I feel I should say this given what I said about Konosuba last week, I really enjoyed Darkness this week. Last week I felt she dragged down the episode with weird boob physics and vanilla masochistic tendencies, this week she was in her absolute element. Beginning with walking straight towards the little things that explode on you, to being able to hit things with her sword for once and so walks her way through Vanir’s little minions. A rare moment of competence from a Konosuba character is always welcome, whenever it shows up.

Principally, the main part of the show is Vanir facing off against them and treating Darkness and Kazuma-san (Kazuma desu) like proper threats, just getting confused by them and when he tries to take over Darkness’ body, doesn’t count on her enjoying the possession. As of course she would. It’s the perfect situation for her to be in and every line of hers (or Vanir’s) from then on for the rest of the episode was gold as Vanir tried to act tough and serious while Darkness defied his every move up until Megumin was required to do her serious explosion upon him. This is the sort of comedy I prefer her in, living up her masochism-induced embarassment against Devil King foes rather than dying of normal embarassment and honestly, that’s about all I have to say on this one. Much better than last week because they used Lalatina right.

Lalatina. I would call her Lalatina from now on but it would feel mean to Lalatina to continually call her Lalatina.


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