Konosuba 2: Goodbye to this Irritating Living World (Review)

So it’s time for Kazutrash to die then? Perfect. That’s not a spoiler, it says so in the title. And it’s not like it’s permanent. In fact it’s just a visit to Eris and potentially a way to include her more in the story. It sets up a really great scene and a great end to the episode too.

Anyway, Kazuma is certainly set up as a lot more obnoxious this episode and gets almost everything he deserves but at least the opening scene has Darkness and Megumin playfully punishing him for using magic on them and just generally being a dick lying in his kotatsu and not coming out. Because apparently it’s suddenly freezing and only Kazuma and Aqua seem to have noticed. Still, it’s good to see Megumin and Darkness fighting back against the lazy aspects of their teammates.

Otherwise though, once Kazuma and Aqua were roused, it mostly seemed during this episode that the default attitude was to act as if everything was serious only for that to be shattered by standard Konosuba antics. Case in point, Darkness and Kazuma about to enter Wiz’s shop, looking somber at having to break the news of Vanir’s death only to be confronted by him alive, well and pulling the ‘I have no gender’ card on them. Later, as they prepare for the lizard attack, Darkness, Megumin and even Aqua look quite epic preparing to face the lizards as they lay out their plan only for it to all go to immediate shit as soon as the plan started. Which was predictable but that needed to happen because Konosuba and because it was good for the plot. And the lizard fight was pretty fun and had some pretty great animation for this show (preceded by some pretty brilliant/terrible animation as Aqua fell over in a panic). The animation for this show continues to defy expectations. And when I say that I mean it fluctuates from amazing to awful on a regular basis.

Eris’ talk with Kazuma sets up a good direction for the plot and codifies that Kazuma currently just sees all his friends as friends rather than love interests and so he’s latched onto the idea of Eris as a love interest. Was rather cute for him to actually say ‘I don’t care if they’re padded’ as he really tries for once with a girl. Shame she’s probably the mother of all unattainable women seeing as she’s a goddess and unlike Aqua, actually has standards.

The final joke I felt really weird about. It was incredible to see an anime making fun of someone’s dick size, I genuinely tend to consider even anime like Konosuba too innocent to do that, I expect dick jokes in TV shows and so it always floors me whenever they show up in anime. Maybe it’s just I consider the Japanese comparative prudes when they clearly aren’t. The other reason I felt really weird about is because I love Megumin in a protective cute kind of fashion (because who doesn’t love her cuteness) and seeing her be so naughty and moving close to toying with Kazuma in a sexual way (nothing happened, she just drew an arrow to his dick while he was unconscious and you knew she was messing with his clothes for minutes before that so I was really curious as to what she did) threw up some mixed feelings in me. But yeah, I felt more of a ‘protective dad’ feeling as I thought ‘Megumin, what are you doing… stop that, just be cute and innocent and cause explosions and don’t let Kazuma stop you casting those’. I’m not even that old for god’s sake. Either way, Aqua’s slight smirk was the perfect way to finish the episode. Not so much of a Holy Sword then.

Overall a mixed episode, not the most funny because of a fair amount of it played straight even though you could tell the anime was holding in its laughs every time a character acted serious and it still had some excellent jokes because it’s Konosuba, but pretty good for story and doing unexpected things with its characters.



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