The Walking Dead: Hearts Still Beating, Rock In The Road, New Best Friends

I kind of put a halt on my The Walking Dead reviews after the midseason finale because I’ve decided I don’t write about episodes of that individually, rather I do them in pairs. Also I kind of forgot about it because I had a lot of things to balance in December.

Also the show got worse and it feels like a drag at this point. I guess the mid-season finale had a few things happen but mostly just involved a lot more deaths, Negan grinning and being Negan and the walkers being little more than a sideshow as Aaron and Rick got supplies from a boat. It ended well though, with the group coming together, getting ready to fight the Saviours, that was hopeful. So while I mostly wasn’t thinking about it over the break, it left with a modicum of good will. Which has mostly been shattered upon its return.

Most of it relates to the Garbage people (or to give them their true name, The Scavengers) in the latest episode, New Best Friends. It is yet another group of people that has been surviving, unseen and mostly unexplained, without getting destroyed by the Saviours or any herds of walkers, when there are already far too many anti-Saviour groups around and they are really not needed in the story. To add to their implausability, they look and speak like a cult of weird garbage men, it’s so unbelievable that it takes you out of this, pretty thin at best already, conceit that this new people have been untouched by the story so far. I’d have given it a pass if at least they were the same group that Tara ran into, because even though I complained about them being superfluous, at least at this point, the different groups could have all served different roles in Rick’s group, now we have just way too many groups of survivors to tell a satisfying downfall of the Saviours. I do not like the Scavengers one bit and unless they prove their worth and/or lose their ridiculous inhuman affectations, I will continue to not like them.

Additionally, the laughable way with which the walkers are being dealt with. A huge herd of them turns up for once in a long while in Rock In The Road and the way they deal with it is so anti-climactic, they use a piece of steel wire to slice through about half of them. This is kind of indicative of the way the show now treats its once advertised threat, so easily dealt with it’s almost laughable and it’s sadly a sign that the show has deteriorated a long way from the first few seasons.

Yeah, I don’t have much more to say about this for now, I just pray the way they deal with Negan will be more satisfying than the way they are getting allies to defeat him with.


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