Konosuba 2: Sightseeing in This Pitiful City! (Review)

My god (Aqua-sama) this was a good episode. Really really incredible and funny, showing off Konosuba at its best and most ridiculous. Let’s just have a little look as to why.

It starts off with everything going right for our heroes for once. Surprisingly. All four of them are instrumental in driving off the kite attack on the carts, even though Kazuma (uncharacteristically) refuses to take any reward for saving it because he’s burdened by Darkness and Aqua being responsible for the monsters appearing there in the first place. It’s an unusual turn of events for the group, and it is refreshing to see them do well after all this time, but I can’t help but feeling that Kazuma is going to regret not taking that money as soon as Vanir’s scheme fails and he finds himself in debt again.

The opening act of the episode shone the spotlight on Darkness’ masochistic and sexual fetishes, including this time as she finds out, nearly getting hit and mutilated but not being hit as the kites find impeccable timing to avoid trampling her. Which I’m sure she would have enjoyed more. Despite complaining about her being the least funny character in episode 4, she’s done her best to make it up in the episodes since and I’m almost at the point where I’m considering her the one of the main characters I find the funniest. In full force innuendo mode, begging for punishment while berating Kazuma for slighting her honour otherwise, she is a comedic force to be reckoned with.

The team worked well together to deal with the kites, but it was Aqua who singlehandedly dealt with the second threat, the zombies. As a water goddess, she just purifies all undead while still holding her treasured bottle. It’s a pumping up of confidence that foreshadows the second part of the episode. I picked the title quote as it summed up the first half of the episode for me, the unexpectedness of the Konosuba team really doing well and moving forward with their goals.

Then they arrived at the hot springs town and we see why Aqua wanted to come here, because it’s a town full of crazy evangelical people who worship her. There are too many examples of the townspeople trying to get Kazuma and Darkness to sign up to their church, all the while Darkness enjoying their disgust at her being a member of the Eris cult, to list. But suffice it to say that I was in tears of laughter for the second half of the episode because this all rings too true with internet scammers, cults, and heavily religious people that it’s funny – particularly as this cult is portrayed as desperate to gain new recruits no matter one. The best one that stands out is the woman being attacked by a violent Eris cultist asking for signatures to save her (with the Eris cultist transparently not what he claimed to be as he joins in with the benefits of the Axis cult). It was effectively a whole town full of mini-Aquas trying to get the team to worship Aqua. And that’s a perfect recipe for comedy.

While I did see the kid coming at the end by that time, I’d had such a fun ride that I decided to let that bit of predictability go, I really enjoyed this episode so much.

(and the end of the season is coming up fast, only 2 episodes left sadly)



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