Konosuba 2: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful Party (Finale and Series Review)

One of the most reliable ways to make me emotional during an anime is to play the opening theme tune that I’ve likely already been playing on repeat during watching the show at a crucially tense or heroic moment during the finale. That little action represents the whole series coming together, building to this climax and it’s now going to go out on the theme of the season. I definitely felt that when ‘Tomorrow’ played all the way through the climactic moment, and seeing videos explaining how beautiful of an opening it actually is really drove home to me that Konosuba 2 has been better than we ever expected or deserved it to be. It will be a crying shame if there is no season 3 but even if there isn’t, we got one of the best seasons of comedy anime that I’ve ever seen out of this show, building on what it established in the first season to make joke after joke about the characters it has carefully and lovingly constructed, but not so rooted in comedy that it can’t have some dramatic moments.

And while most of the other episodes of this season have been more for the comedy than the plot, which slowly advanced in the background, this time it was at the very foreground and for once in Konosuba, the comedy was put to one side.

See while it is so on point in making a joke funny and consistently (a lovely example here is when each member of the group challenged Hans, making a point to use his name, Hans, parodying those sorts of accusations, Hans), which is why it’s become so popular, because it really is an incredibly clever anime, the true strength of Konosuba lies in the bonds between the characters and of course you want to see them reach a point where they are showing that friendship by facing a true threat. And Hans ends up being one of those true threats, so much so that Kazuma has to go and die, placing his life in the less than dependable hands of Aqua to do so. The aforementioned scene where Tomorrow was playing, where each character played an important role in setting up the plan to take out Hans, and then it all step by step going up, was surprisingly tearful for me. No one was dying but it just shows, despite how much the four main characters take it out on each other, they will be there when needed. And earlier in the episode when Kazuma said to Darkness that he truly considers her a friend (in order to get something out of her) while everyone verbally makes it clear that he was only doing it to be pragmatic, you can tell that the truth was hidden within that, that Kazuma genuinely cares for all of the girls, as they do to him and each other.

Other than that, it was so fulfilling seeing Aqua-sama finally prove her worth as a goddess, and Wiz proving her worth as a force to be reckoned with too. Those two carried the day against the deadly slime monster. Especially nice too was seeing Aqua’s psyche reflected in the glorious creeds of her cult, the drive to be happy no matter what, to live in the moment and be yourself, all creeds that I can certainly imagine Aqua thinking up, though she is a lazy bum, she is a lazy bum with principles.

And in the end, though the townspeople were ungrateful and things weren’t quite right, they return pretty fulfilled to the town, they settle back into proper life, even Yunyun has gotten a break as Megumin agrees to duel her and… they’re ending things really conclusively with no thought of a season 3 aren’t they? Well of course I hope that a season 3 does materialise, this story needs to continue in anime form and I may even consider buying the light novels for it, something I have not done before. It would be very good to be a series 3.

Overall, I’m very glad I set aside a weekly slot to review this as while I can only offer some basic analysis as to why the jokes worked and just go over which jokes I liked best, Konosuba 2 has taken what worked in Konosuba 1 and improved it immensely, such that it’s been the talk of the winter season and definitely the best anime of 2017 so far. And I can quantify that by saying I’ve watched more than one anime from 2017 now as I’ve started Gabriel Dropout so I expect to be doing a post on that soon. Konosuba a landmark anime for anyone with an interest in ruthless parody and characters having a great time together.

(pictured, Crunchyroll images of the highest quality, I’m not getting involved in that particular controversy, I just noticed that this week’s random screencap to use as my header image looked a little more low quality than normal)


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