Attack On Titan S2: Beast Titan (Review)

I must say, it is so good to see Attack On Titan back, as well as another anime that I will be watching as it comes out for sure for the spring cour, which means I get to do a nice weekly review of the episode. Because who hasn’t seen Attack On Titan? And among those many people, I am willing to bet a huge portion of them are hyped to see what the second season will bring, as well as being in slight disbelief that it finally happened, I feel like I’m witnessing something beautiful as the show pans over a very brief summary of the main plot points so far, Annie’s just been captured and the titans are coming for humanity. This actually exists and is happening.

One of the only plot points I had been accidentally spoiled upon while originally watching the show (I’m not a manga reader so knew they were out there but tried to avoid most of them) was that Titans were hiding in the wall, so I’m so pleased that that got revealed in the first few minutes so I’m now blind for whatever the rest of the season is going to bring. And it adds a huge level of terror for the humans, that the titans are all around them, as well as distrust with the Church of the Wall, the cultish fanatics that they are, because they knew, and said nothing. Even though it could be and probably will still be the cause of many deaths when those titans are finally awakened and come out of the wall.

Oh, and they’ve kept Linked Horizon, excellent. It wouldn’t have felt right without them leading off the OP.

Back at the military camp, we’ve got some bored squad members as the 104th are kept in confinement to ensure they aren’t hiding any titans and it’s interesting to know that Conny and Sasha have homes around here, that means they’ll be invested in whatever devastation is to come and I wouldn’t rule out one of them dying. Conny especially seems like he’s going to die at some point and I don’t know whether this is just horribly misguided instinct or not but he’s always been near the very top of my death list and he moved right back to the top when his village turned out to be from the south, where the Titans have just come from.

Otherwise, titans have broken through Wall Rose which is significant, but once we got to Eren flashbacks, I was sure this was going to be a fairly easing and comfortable episode but then it changed tack, and reminded me why Attack On Titan can get so tense and even scary. And I’m not sure it’s ventured into the scary mode before. Sure, there have been new threats and it has certainly never felt safe for the characters, but this new Abnormal Hairy Beast Titan is on another level. And that’s because he’s intelligent and can speak. Mostly, the titans are scary but not so scary because they are mindless and more of a destructive force than anything else. While some are certainly sentient and there was Annie being a sentient titan, she was more physical and belligerent and didn’t carry quite the same sort of menace as this new beast, as he seems to have plans for beating the human’s technology, and with the titans inside the walls, humanity seems more screwed than ever.

More than that, it was just a shock hearing him speak after he looks, at a glance, more dumb than the rest of the titans by virtue of looking more like an animal, he’s using unorthodox methods to defeat one of the best warriors the humans had, he initially shows mercy and then lets his underlings feed when he doesn’t need Miche anymore, and he is going to be an adversary that I can’t yet see a way for the humans to beat him. It’s been a long wait but with this excellent first episode that promises a very exciting season ahead, I can say that it was worth it.


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