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Eurovision Semi 2 Final Results and look at the lineup

Fortunately, and this will be a very quick post, the results of Eurovision semi 2 came in a lot better than they did for semi final 1, with most of my favourites qualifying and only a couple of big ones, Estonia, which a lot of people seem to be sad about and I thought was nailed on until that performance started and I took all of what I said about it being a dark horse back, those vocals were not good enough, and Lithuania, which I seemed to be alone in really liking for its funkiness, failed for me. And then there were things like Ireland that I was very glad to see out, that performance was one of the worst I’ve ever seen in Eurovision.

I was ecstatic at Croatia making it through, that performance gave me massive goosebumps and was really entertaining to watch, and set up in 13th position, it looks to be a highlight of the final on Saturday. Belarus was also exceedingly cute and I’m really glad that got through too.

Even though I don’t like Bulgaria, that was a pretty fantastic performance by Kristian so I’m sure it will do well in the grand final.

And now the grand final looks to be between Bulgaria, Italy and Portugal, at least as far as the odds would go. This seems a very unusual occurrence, Bulgaria and Portugal have long been two of Eurovision’s whipping boys and a couple of years ago it would have been my dream to see them contending, but unfortunately neither song is a song I particularly care for so to have that be their winner would not be something I’d choose. I like Italy far more but of course they’ve won before and coming down to it, Bulgaria and Portugal feel like more powerful and emotional winners. I think we should crown Croatia or Belarus the winner and save me this dilemma to be quite honest, either would give me so many happy feelings and they’re also from countries that have been whipping boys of Eurovision, except I adore the songs there.

Anyway, good luck everyone on Saturday, I shall be watching and preparing an afterthought to post on here then.


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