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UK Politics and Stuff (also register to vote if you are British)

I have not written many blog posts this week, unusually for me, as the free time I would normally spend writing articles (still doing Attack On Titan and history posts when I can) has been instead taken up by going to the local campaign office of a political party and doing the best clerical work I know to help them along in the constituency I live in. So basically, if you do not live in the UK, this is going to get a little political and I apologise for that, but I really kind of love talking politics so here we go. That party is the Liberal Democrats and I may give you enough information in this paragraph for anyone who wants to to figure out which constituency that is, although I’ll try and avoid mentioning specifics. Basically, I am doing so because the upcoming election in the UK is going to be very important and yet it seems like the Conservatives have already won and well, I have read their manifesto and I know at least a little bit about geopolitics and international trade, they have no one who knows what they’re doing with regards to leaving the European Union (I hate using that word so I won’t use it) at least as far as their manifesto goes, it would be an utter disaster to vote them in, their manifesto is vague so that everyone forgets the good parts, and on top of it all, they plan on regulating the internet as they see fit, because that’s always been a good sign of a free society. And yet this country seems intent on voting them in.

So because I don’t want to see this country go through times even worse than those I have already lived through, I am doing my utmost to ensure that on the local level, a candidate that is not a Tory gets in in my constituency. It’s not that big, but it’s the best I can do, I just have to hope there are others like me everywhere else. And because where I live has been a Lib Dem seat in the past before it fell to the Tories in 2010 – well, it and the seats it used to be have been held by all three parties, but most strongly by the Lib Dems, that were it a straight fight between the Tories and Lib Dems, I’m pretty sure the latter would win. As much as I do like Corbyn’s manifesto and I would love Labour to be the largest party, a vote here for them would just be one step closer to letting the Conservative MP win again, and I am already expecting for the result to be that the Liberal and Labour votes together to be higher than the Conservative, but individually, less. FPTP at its finest. But yes, basically from now until June 8th, I shall be putting a lot of my effort into trying to win votes for the Lib Dems (who also have, in my opinion, a much stronger candidate than either Labour or the Tories out of the local options even if I were just looking at this objectively) so that hopefully one less Tory MP is returned to Westminster.

There may be more from me in the upcoming days but if you are reading this and you are in the UK, please register to vote before the deadline closes on Monday, whoever you are planning to vote for, and do what you must in order to help this country (even though I make out whenever appropriate that I do not care all that much about it I don’t want to see it struggle), because it is about to go through a very tough time. There is no excuse not to vote, most of all, it’s fun, you’re helping your voice get heard somewhere, and it takes so little time to register and do on the day, I cannot imagine ever not voting – I have voted in every election I have been able to since turning 18 and I will continue to do so for the rest of my natural life.


3 thoughts on “UK Politics and Stuff (also register to vote if you are British)

  1. Another good article. I’m torn between conservative and liberal democrats because I agree with the lib dems but I feel like a Tory government might be better than a hung parliament. I turned 18 in March so I’m so excited to vote and I have been getting people to register even if I disagree with them cus I think people should vote. I couldn’t guess where abouts you were from but close by in the South-West where I’m from was a loss of lib dem holders to conservatives. It’s interesting how people vote in certain areas


    1. Thanks! I would say if you agree with the Lib Dems than vote for them, in my opinion a hung parliament would be one of the best results of this election, all the parties would then be responsible to work with each other to figure out the best way to take us forward. And me saying that is partly to do with me not liking the Tories at all, I think a majority government for them would be rather awful, and rather liking Labour (my dream result is Labour the largest party with a solid Lib Dem contingent to back them up in coalition) so take my opinion with a pinch of salt, as you should with everyone’s. But going with your heart, particularly if you do live in the South-West where it is a Lib Dem-Tory fight for the most part is always good. And thank you for getting people to register to vote, that is absolutely what everyone should be doing, we need as many people as possible registered, no matter who they will be voting for.
      (I am also from the South West, I thought people might be very good at picking out specific constituencies which would narrow down my location a little bit too much for my liking so I left that vague)


      1. lol I only knew cus I’m from the south west – Torbay and I know people in the Teignbridge Area + Cornwall had Lib Dem loses. I don’t particular like conservatives but I try to not say never when it comes to voting for someone cus I don’t like factions but I do like Lib Dem a lot. Our country needs unifying and being so young I have seen way too many people my age tell me they can’t be bothered to register and I try to convince as many as I can. Even if they told me they would vote the opposite. It’s so important that people vote and people look at lots of info to workout which party they should vote and as you said take things with a pince of salt


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