Attack On Titan S2: Children (Review)

In a sense, Children continued the talking and revealing aspect of last episode but added enough action and fear to get us stimulated and delved very deep into Ymir’s backstory (seemingly in her own head because it was deemed relevant to be shown now), I come away from it feeling like I know a lot more about the world of Attack On Titan yet I still have several questions about the actual workings. However they aren’t essential questions and I think we got more information than normal, and I like how it didn’t spell everything out for the viewer.

The key thing ‘Children’ confirmed is that there is some process by which humans are turned into Titans or Titan shifters, Connie’s mother has been all but confirmed to be the legless titan, and the backstory that Ymir has shows her, in a town outside the walls (as confirmed in the half-time still), being the leader of a cult that worships her because she has the ‘blood of the king’, which seems fairly normal for a fantasy world but I think we can infer that this cult was involved in turning people into Titans or something, oh you know what? I don’t actually know exactly the mechanics of how humans and Titans are related, but it was certainly something that upset the rulers of the city enough to attempt to murder them and therefore I have to assume that somehow they are unlocking through ritual the latent Titan potential that exists within everyone, as the Beast Titan did at Connie’s village. They are all Titans. Or at least a lot of people have the ability to be cultivated into Titan shifters or just braindead normal Titans, the difference hasn’t been made clear as to how that works either, but it seems that those in her cult who were pushed off were. On her culpability, she was a little girl when inducted into this and seems to not understand exactly what is going on, just that people are needing her and that is a powerful way of blocking out exactly what is wrong, I don’t entirely blame her for this, her actions now will determine her innocence.

She seems to have been made immortal or at least long-lived in Titan shifter form and the question remains whether that is true for the rest of the Titan shifters. She’s certainly the oldest of the group by some way as she lay in the ground for 60 years, when she popped out to eat Marcel is hard to say as well because if Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie are immortal as well then it could have been any time, certainly they don’t look much younger when they do now and if they were the same age as Eren they would have been 12 when Wall Maria fell. Though this could have taken place before or after that.

Speaking of the Titan Shifter group involving Reiner and Bert, I’m really pleased there was a moment where Reiner told Bert to go after Annie when he next sees her, it made me realise that these are still human characters, even if they are indeed going to be murderers with short lives.

The team spirit was very apparent in this one as well with Jean back, somehow he really holds the team together as a ‘boring leader’ figure, we need one of those. Connie kicking Ymir’s head and getting so dangerously close and playful with him, again, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see him suddenly get killed that way. I guess he has to be the main true human (not shifter, or at least not yet) who doesn’t have another distinguishing personality so this imperilled survivor trait is working well on him. But now the team have Christa so I expect a mad chase next episode.

A pretty great episode that will lead to something more, Attack On Titan is certainly not wavering in its quality just yet and I expect this to continue to the end of the season now.


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