Fate/Apocrypha: First Step of Fate (Episode 3 Review)

You know, I’m starting to feel the overcrowded nature of Apocrypha with this episode, it jumped around a lot and we’ve only just now apparently been introduced to the real main character, who, against all expectations, I could have never predicted this, is a young clean shaven male kid with spiky hair. At least he’s a homunculus for something different but I hope he doesn’t take over too much of the story.

However for the moment, his interactions with Astolfo in particular, who seems to be a little bit rebellious against the Black team, with Chiron as his (really, with all the girls Fate makes out of legendary figures this one is a trap? It’s the best disguise I guess) are okay, although Astolfo steals them all. Some of the Black masters are really morally awful, particularly Astolfo and Siegfried’s masters, but most of the servants we’ve seen so far seem like upright respectable beings, while the Red Servants seem on the whole a lot more shady, although we still haven’t met their Archer and Rider. That is going to make it interesting, considering Mordred is one of the ‘main servants’. Red Lancer is visually impressive too, I’m looking forward to seeing how an Indian legend battles to escape the E rank luck that Lancers are cursed with.

You see where Apocrypha is starting to lose itself? There are a lot of scenes and I don’t feel like any characters are being left behind but it is two minutes with each character before heading off to the next one. Someone needs to die if only to free up time for everyone else. Frankenstein, Astolfo, Chiron, Siegfried are great characters but one of them may have to bite it soon. The exciting thing is though I have no idea who it will be, although perhaps Spartacus’ creepy Red Berserker face will see his confrontation and defeat in the next episode.

I still think the show is good and I love what it’s trying to do but even I, who loves huge shows with lots of concepts, am starting to find it a bit confusing and I hope that a little bit of focus is given to the next episodes.

My favourite part of the show this week was Ruler adamantly refusing to get involved in the fight, as she should as the arbiter. The cheek of both Red and Black to try and kill/recruit Ruler to their side being dismissed by a good arbiter is very satisfying and the resulting fight between Red Lancer and Black Saber was well directed and up there with many other quality Fate fights.

And then the intrigue in the Black camp as Black Rider colludes with the escaped homunculus. I’m interested to see what happens there but we’ll have to wait for the next episode for it that plot to resolve itself I think.


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