A month later, I hold the same opinion as everyone else on Boku No Hero Academia

At the beginning of this month, I, frustrated with the generic turns a certain recent popular anime was taking, wrote what I call a fairly positive diatribe on it and how I nearly did what I don’t like to do except with the worst of shows and dropped it. I nearly got rid of it, I nearly made myself an elitist with regards to the newest hype shonen and turned off my chance to ride a big long runner as it came out.

Essentially most of what you need to know is in the title, I call that anti-clickbait, because I have standards, show me it’s not a mistake by rewarding me with clicks and comments plz xx. This won’t provide you with any new insights, it’s mostly just a short followup on that last post for myself.

See, now, I could not feel more different about that silly little superhero shonen show that I complained about a few weeks ago. It was probably just me getting involved with the characters, seeing that there were nearly as many students and characters with as much depth to them as one of my favourite high school anime, Assassination Classroom, getting swept up in the hype of a tournament that I could mostly figure out the results of but seeing how each battle went was a journey in and of itself. I see the praise for Todoroki against Midoriya and I couldn’t agree more, the amount of stake that each of the two put into that fight, the way the stakes and their determination kept going higher and higher, constantly changing and eventually letting loose in a huge flash of light, that was invigorating and a fight I’m glad I watched. Seeing my dark horse favourite character from the end of season 1 in Tokoyami get huge moments to shine during the tournament was also very pleasing. And of course the wonderful You Say Run soundtracking nearly every epic moment was an ultra plus that kept me wanting to go on to the next episode so I could get to the next fantastic moment involving it.

It is such a standard show but it plays everything so well by having a cast of characters who all have interesting depths to them and good hype scenes that it’s become a must watch for me. This seems to be the future of the huge anime, the inevitable successors to the winding down Big 3 (and the way it’s going, BNHA sure seems to be one of them) that I never watched in full because when I got into anime there were already hundreds of episodes. Filler doesn’t seem to be the done thing anymore, no hundreds of episodes, just some incredibly tight and hype-filled seasons. And I’m pleased to say that Boku No Hero Academia is now one of those for me, as it is for nearly everyone else and I look forward to seeing where all of the class go next.

But particularly Tokoyami, I’m rooting for you, Dark Shadow. And I suppose Yaoyozuru as I love a smart character and her struggles in particular seem very relateable to myself. And Todoroki and Tsuyu. Eh, they’re all very good and distinct characters, which is the reason I’m now so glad I didn’t drop this, I get to see them all get their turn in the limelight. Just like Assassination Classroom, or indeed Shokugeki, or, yeah, there are a hundred other shows like this of course but I get a lot of enjoyment out of the ones that trouble to make their characters fantastic, as these three all do.


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