Fate/Apocrypha: Will Of Heaven

‘I will defy fate’ – A challenging objective Ruler, considering the series you’re in. I wish you luck.

Also, note the wine in my title image this week. I smiled at that, I wonder when that came from. Still, with Sauvignon, Vlad has good taste.

Anyway, if I didn’t know that ‘Sieg’ was obviously more important to the story by the way everyone keeps fawning over this damn blank slate I’d be relieved he was left at this farm and I’d hope we never see him again! Yes, he now has the heart of Saber of Black but Siegfried was nobly sacrificial beyond the call of duty to give that up to him and besides, none should need him or want him alive. I’m just annoyed because the tabula rasa homunculus main character designaté figuring out the concept of eating is getting in the way of developing more obviously interesting characters, although it’s giving a fair bit of depth to Ruler, who is not actually the image of Jeanne d’Arc and is instead the spirit possessing the body of a French girl. I hope that doesn’t imply that Jeanne’s real body is different in the Nasuverse as I thought one of the nicer details of Apocrypha so far was that keeping in with Fate/Zero’s Caster traits, Jeanne d’Arc and THE Saber bear a resemblance to each other. Instead, if Letitia just also resembles them then that’d be fine. Her and Vlad shared a nice moment, although I’d have preferred it if they made more of the ‘Maid of Orleans’ speech and had some recruitment speech for Vlad based on what he knows of Jeanne (a super religious saint, so ask her to fight with him for God).

Astolfo continues to be Astolfo, which always cheers me up. I think if everyone adopted a philosophy like his, life would be far easier. Team Black is still making use of him for now but there might be only so much more he could take. It’s interesting that Saber and Rider, the two Black servants who have troubles with their masters, were the ones to rebel. Further reinforcement of how important the Master-Servant bond is, you can’t force it and if the connection is not there, it won’t work, which I suspect will be part of what leads to the downfall of Team Red in the end, especially now Shirou the priest has taken all the Command Spells from the rest of the Red masters that we know nothing about, with the exception of Mordred and her partner. And what will eventually be (the probable) strength of the Sieg-Ruler team, I really hope he develops a personality and a reason for me to care about him by that time because it’s the one thing holding this show back.

A new wildcard in Jack The Ripper has shown though, with the Yggdmillennia master slain and a mysterious ‘mother’ character helping the little girl that Jack The Ripper obviously was (oh Fate, I’m generous to you but I’m still a bit nonplussed at that decision). That could be interesting next week. For now though, this episode mainly just made me annoyed that Sieg is the focus of this story when it could have been Mordred or Kairi or Jeanne or Astolfo. Any of them. I hope I won’t be feeling like this next week.


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