Welcome anyone who’s found this, I like you already. This is the blog of Izzy Stars, who is a person, me, with a great interest in history and entertainment. With the former, I’m trying to go through informative posts about every nation to have ever existed (that we know of) throughout history – and a few non-nation specific history posts besides. This has somewhat been put on hold with Significant People taking its place but I do intend to return to it. Starting from the beginning of recorded history with the Sumerians, and slowly advancing through time towards the present day. At time of updating we’re still well into the BC years so don’t expect that to get finished anytime soon but as we go there’s plenty of stuff I’ve already covered so check that out. If you are a budding historian and want to see just those posts, click on my ‘History’ category and you’ll filter out everything else.

With the latter, I write reviews about something I’m watching or liking at the moment – with an attempt to pick up a point you might not have thought about before. There’s no real schedule, I try to put out something once a day. They are variously organised into their different categories, music, television, and anime. I am a big fan of that last one and probably most of my posts are on anime. Currently airing series I cover include Attack On Titan. Anything I like enough to cover week to week as it comes out will be done as soon after it comes out as I can, otherwise, if it’s something I’m ‘bingeing’ I’ll probably do a round up or pick up a talking point as I finish it or when I think it’s necessary. Also I’m liable to write something about a video game I’m playing every once in a while and do a semi-AAR to pass off as a post here, I’m a big fan of playing strategy games in my spare time.

For reference, this blog uses an informal style of writing and does not attempt to look professional – If you find me through a more professional link and are a recruiter, fear not, you have just found my outlet, please follow this best of link to decide if my writing style is awesome enough for you.

If you want to use anything on this site, please contact me. I mean, most of it’s just reviews and informative posts and what isn’t reviews is probably just going to be fanfiction but who knows, I may come out with a proper book in the future and that will be something you can really contact me about.