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Europa Universalis IV: A World Conquest

I have been taking a few liberties with my EUIV blog writing and I have fallen two campaigns behind, so here is my Ottoman World Conquest that I completed in 1.22, I started it just before Third Rome came out and I finished it about a month and a half after, I went through a…… Continue reading Europa Universalis IV: A World Conquest

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Hurricanes: the 2017 season & I

I have been a follower of hurricanes for a rather long time, in fact, I can give you a definite date, ever since my namesake struck Texas in 2012 (is that a real name reveal? I probably revealed it at some other juncture) and didn’t get retired (for which I fist pumped, probably insensitively but…… Continue reading Hurricanes: the 2017 season & I